LOVE AFTER 50: Reader Jack Buettner shares a story of love and reawakening



A few months ago, we ran a story exploring a rather sensitive subject – the love lives of widows who, after grieving the loss of their beloved spouse, sought romance once again. Fascinated, we opened up the rich and complex topic to our readers, with a request for opinions, advice and experiences of dating later in life. Jack Buettner, a reader from Venice, sent in a truly heartwarming story of finding love and a passion for life again when he found his sweetheart.

new love

Jack writes:

Chris and I each lost our spouses of more than 58 years, but life didn’t end there! After periods of grieving, we moved forward, met each other, and fell in love. We not only have the same Christian beliefs, we like the same things (well mostly) and we know that life is an adventure best shared with someone you love!


We love the way Jack’s story just brims with joy and inspires all of us to believe in magic at any age. Thank you Jack, for helping us to redefine aging!

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