The Voices of Lifestyles After 50: “Share Your Story” winner Kathy Megyeri

Kathy Megyeri, middle

A recent Lifestyles “Share Your Story” challenge asked female readers if they felt marginalized by the fashion industry; an industry notorious for almost exclusively appealing to younger women and presenting impossible standards of personal appearance. This month’s winner and liberated fashionista Kathy Megyeri offers her story – acknowledging the realities of the effect aging has on one’s fashion sense – including its perks; like knowing your body better, including what works for it and what doesn’t. Revealing a few of her style secrets, Kathy is our winner because she sure knows how to make fashion over 50 look fun and fabulous. Thanks to all who participated, and we hope you will continue to “Share Your Story.” – Editor

Kathy Megyeri, middle
Kathy Megyeri, middle


by Kathy Megyeri


One of the greatest joys of aging is that we no doubt know by now what works or us, fits our lifestyle, and compliments our body shapes and sizes. Personally, I ignore fashion magazines more and more as I grow older – in all reality they only seem to speak to those in the size 6 or below range anyway – a club I’m not a part of.

Luckily, a couple of years ago, a stylish boutique store clerk gave me the best advice ever. She said, “Forget sinking money into expensive clothes that probably won’t be in vogue next season. Invest in a good pair of black slacks, a black turtleneck, good sensible but stylish shoes, and then buy the best accessories you can afford – a dazzling necklace, a colorful scarf, a great eyeglass frame; all of your favorites. Most of all, what you really need, is a hat to compliment your outfit!”

And how right she was! When women say they can’t wear hats, I say, “YES, you can – it’s all in the attitude!” Nowadays, I wear hats everywhere I go and I always get multitudes of compliments, mostly from men who exclaim, “You look great! I wish my wife would wear a hat!”

Perhaps men say this because they remember their mothers wearing hats religiously, or maybe it’s because of the hat’s ability to frame one’s face so beautifully; who knows. One thing’s for sure – my role model, former New York Congresswoman Bella Abzug who once told me at a fundraiser, “Honey, just remember – if people are looking at your hat, they aren’t looking at your fat behind!” How right she was!