Unity. Enrichment. Fulfillment. Authenticity. Freedom.

Unity. Enrichment. Fulfillment. Authenticity. Freedom. These are the words that define who Unisen is, as well as the values of our resident-directed retirement lifestyle community. Formerly University Village, the community’s recent rechristening as Unisen symbolized the kickoff of the next chapter in our long-standing legacy of dynamic independent living. Unisen is you and your fellow leaders who are inspired to get more out of each day. Together, we will redefine the active lifestyle experience in Tampa at Unisen.

5 Benefits of Using a Virtual Address for Your Small Business

Now that they have time, more and more seniors are deciding to open the small business they have dreamt of for decades. Here are 5 benefits of...
senior couple at wedding

Planning A Grand English Wedding In Your 70s: What You Should Know

No matter your age, planning a wedding takes careful consideration, and if many of your guests are mature, there are probably a few extra things to think...

Wellness Wheel: A Tool for Healthy, Balanced Living

Since the focus of this issue of Lifestyles After 50 is “Healthy Living,” I invite you to consider how you’re doing in each of the dimensions of wellness. Is your Wellness Wheel balanced, or do you have a “flat tire”?
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“Please Enjoy Reading Our January 2023 Issue”

January… a new beginning. Time to reflect on the past year and make resolutions for the new one, to start a new project, take up a new hobby, or recommit to good habits that may have slipped away.

2023 Florida Strawberry Festival: “We Have a Winner!”

By Michele Baker  The time has come to start planning your yearly visit to the famous Florida Strawberry Festival in Plant City. The 88th...

4 Top Packing Tips for Snowbirds

By Chris Holbert, CEO of SecuraTrac If you’re a snowbird prepping for the migrating season to warmer weather for the winter, then you’re likely...