10 Ways to LOVE the Earth



These few small changes can make a big impact on Mother Earth
(and save you money in the long run!)

1. Change your lights — Replace
frequently used lights with LEDs.
You’ll save big on energy bills and
replacement costs with lights that last
10 to 15 times longer.

2. Look for ENERGY STAR products
— When buying new products for your
home, look for EPA’s ENERGY STAR
label on more than 60 kinds of products,
including appliances, lighting, heating
and cooling equipment, electronics, and
office equipment. Over their lifetimes,
these ENERGY STAR products can
reduce greenhouse gas emissions by
about 130,000 pounds and save you
$11,000 on energy bills.

3. Heat and cool smartly — Heating
and cooling accounts for almost half
your energy bill—about $1,000 a
year! Simple steps like changing air
filters regularly, properly using a
programmable thermostat, and having
your heating and cooling equipment
maintained annually by a licensed
contractor can save energy and money,
while increasing comfort and helping to
protect the environment.

4. Seal and insulate your home
Reduce air leaks and stop drafts by
using caulk, weather stripping, and
insulation to seal your home’s envelope.
Add more insulation to your attic to
block out heat and cold. These measures
can save up to 20% on heating and
cooling costs and significantly enhance
home comfort.

5. Reduce, reuse, recycle — If there is a
recycling program in your community,
recycle your newspapers, beverage
containers, paper, and other goods
to help conserve energy and reduce
pollution and greenhouse gas emissions
from extraction, manufacturing, and
disposal. Also, composting your food
and yard waste reduces the amount of
garbage that you send to landfills.

6. Use water efficiently — Did you know
a leaky toilet can waste 200 gallons of
water per day? Repair it quickly. Three
percent of the nation’s energy is used to
pump and treat water, so conserving water
reduces greenhouse gas pollution. Don’t
let the water run while shaving or brushing
teeth. Use products with the WaterSense
label. Run your dishwasher only with a
full load. Only water your lawn when
needed, and do it during the coolest part of
the day; early morning is best.

7. Go Solar — Buying solar panels
makes a lot of sense in the Sunshine
State. It’s expensive initially but will
pay off in the long run.

8. Go Green – – Look for
environmentally-friendly products that
are free of ingredients that harm the soil,
water and air.

9. Calculate your household’s carbon
footprint — Use EPA’s Household
Carbon Footprint Calculator (www3.
epa.gov/carbon-footprint-calculator) to
estimate your household greenhouse
gas emissions.

10. Get federal tax credits. — You
can get federal tax credits under the
Energy Policy Act for reducing your
home’s energy use associated with
lighting, windows, heating and cooling,
thermostats, drafts, insulation, attics,
and roofs.

For more information go to
tax_credits .
Source: Environmental Protection
Agency (www.epa.gov)


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