2018 IS HERE!


1. Don’t let lack of rhythm hold you back from dancing.
2. Start using the “good” china. Who cares if it chips? Your kids
probably won’t want it anyway.
3. Lose the phrase “I can’t.” Adopt the phrase “I will.”
4. Accumulate less, experience more.
5. Ditch the 4-inch stilettos; buy a pair of red Converse
high-top gym shoes.
6. Keep wearing sun block, coloring hair and whitening teeth.
7. Cultivate a band of buddies.
8. Eat dinner on the porch whenever you can.
9. Prize ideas over gossip.
10. Only say “yes” when you mean it.
11. Invest in a good magnifying mirror and pluck away.
12. Take a compliment gracefully.
13. Realize you will never complete your to-do list.
14. Find three things to be grateful for each day.
15. Don’t feel guilty about binge watching – better than binge
16. Drop the snarkiness.
17. Don’t feel compelled to finish a book you don’t like.
18. Recognize that sometimes 70 percent effort is good enough.
19. Own what makes you unique.
20. Don’t let anything – especially fear – slow you down.

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