3 Simple Ways to “Spring Clean” your Safety Routine

3 Simple Ways to Spring Clean Your Safety Routine
3 Simple Ways to Spring Clean Your Safety Routine

By Chris Holbert, CEO of SecuraTrac

Spring is here, and while we might only think of spring cleaning as finally dusting our bookshelves and cleaning up the yard, we can also spring clean our habits. As we age, our safety priorities should be re-evaluated with new tools, ideas, and upgrades revolving in our lives to keep safety a priority both mentally and physically. Here are three easy ways you can spring clean your safety routine in 2023.

Improve your home life

Whether getting around the home can be a struggle, or you’re still quick on your feet, improving your home life can have a vast difference on your safety and health. Reducing tripping hazards (such as area rugs, electrical cords, ottomans, etc.) around the home, installing grab bars, and installing a ramp to the front door (and replacing stairs) can make home life much safer and easier by simply eliminating potentially dangerous situations.

How to Spring Clean Your Wellness Routine

Upgrade your safety tech

Installing an updated security system (or your first one in general) can provide great peace of mind while you’re in your home. Many security systems now come with cameras for inside and outside of the home, panic buttons, and more that can help keep you safe. For older adults that tend to travel or simply want to head outside of their house while still feeling safe, an mPERS device is a great, pocket-sized gadget that can put you in contact with emergency services without even having to press a button. Some, like the MD-S from SecuraTrac, have a fall advisory capability that can detect vertical and horizontal movement.

Have a travel & safety buddy

Whether you’re someone who likes to travel, or you’d prefer to stay home, designate a family member or a friend as your safety buddy. Set a schedule to call this person at least once a week to catch up and let them know you’re doing well, what trips you’re planning, what your week looks like, etc. This is a great way to keep someone informed of your specific whereabouts with a set call time every week, so if you miss the call and don’t pick up, they know to stop by and see how you’re doing, or alert authorities if they haven’t heard from you in an unreasonable amount of time. A safety buddy is a great way to keep your relationship close and ensure you (both) have someone looking out for you.