4 Easy Packing Tips for Snowbirds

Senior couple packing for snowbird move

By Chris Holbert, CEO of SecuraTrac

If you’re a snowbird prepping for the migrating season to warmer weather for the winter, then you’re likely aware of how popular this season is going to be. With a readily available vaccine and boosters, less travel restrictions, and a hunger to leave town before chilling temperatures, more snowbirds than ever are expected to travel, which means you need packing tips. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a first timer, it can be difficult to know what to bring, and what can stay at your summer home until you’re back. Double checking bags is crucial before loading up to be sure all your bases are covered, including all the necessities. But overpacking can mean more work later and less space for what you need the most. Here are a few tips on what you should be sure you bring with you this snowbird travel season:

Important documents

While it might be normal to keep an ID on you, it may not be so common to keep important documents like your passport, copies of prescriptions from doctors, insurance policies for homes, etc. close by when you’re traveling for the winter. If they’re left behind in a filing cabinet or folder at home they won’t be much use to you if you need them. Find a safe and secure way to transport important documents (or copies) of things you might need. You never know when that information will be useful, especially spending months away from them.

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While you might have stops along the way where you can pick up medicine, or even have a pharmacy at your destination that you like to go to for prescriptions, it’s important to still bring along your medicine or prescriptions, and even ensure you have extras. If something happens during your trip, or your pharmacy is behind on prescriptions, you could be without vital medications for a day or even longer. Bring enough for a few extra days than you think you might need.


While it’s true that you should have a charging pack, car charging adapter or other technology with you to keep your device on at all times during the trip, consider other devices that can be utilized where a cell phone can’t. Mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (mPERS) devices are a must-have for snowbirds. If you can’t dial your phone, or it’s not within reach to call for help, mPERS devices can provide a way to get in contact with emergency services at the push of a button. They can also relay your exact location.

Non-seasonal clothing

Although you’re headed to warmer weather, expect the unexpected. It can begin to unexpectantly cool off or warm up due to unpredictable weather. Consider bringing a few articles of clothing you think you might not necessarily need in case the weather is weird. Instead of having to buy something new and bring more back to your summer home, this can save you time, money and space by being prepared.