5 Top Tips for Savvy Seniors First Trying Online Dating

Top Tips for Seniors Dating Online

Adapted from an article on Top5-DatingSites.com

Regardless of what some may think, it’s never too late to find love; meeting someone in person isn’t the only option. Online dating has become very common – in fact, one in five relationships and one in three marriages now start online. Whether you’re widowed, divorced, or simply never found the right person, Top5-DatingSites.com has got some tips:

Tip #1: Give your true age & really consider your profile

Be honest and proud of your age! Include several photos and show off your personality. Answer all questions fully and truthfully and try to stay positive.

Tip #2: Write a great first message

When you message someone whose profile has caught your eye, keep it short and sweet: 3-5 sentences is enough. Ask a question or comment on something specific they mentioned in their profile.

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Tip #3: Check your messages!

Set up notifications by email or log on and check for new messages daily. You don’t want someone to think you’re not interested (when you just didn’t get the message).

Tip #4: See each date as a fresh start

You’ll probably go on plenty of first dates before you find someone you want to spend more time with. Resist the temptation to compare with your ex. Don’t punish new dates for what someone else did and be aware you cannot find your cherished spouse’s perfect clone. To find future happiness, you need to let go of the past.

Tip #5: Practice internet safety

Many dating sites will verify user identities, but unfortunately scammers sometimes get through. Report suspicious profiles to the website’s customer service team. “Red flags” may include claiming to be a native English speaker but writing oddly; making excuses why they can’t meet in person or talk on the phone; or a sob story connected to an ask for money.

The Takeaways

Most people who use online dating sites are just like you – looking for love – so allow yourself to make new connections. Just be smart. Always meet in public, let someone know where you’re going, and don’t give away personal details to someone you don’t know.

Top5-DatingSites.com has given these sites ratings out of 10, based on criteria like price, ease of use, features & functionality, and customer support. While some sites are designed especially for seniors (such as Silver Singles and Our Time), don’t discount other sites. Do your own research! Sometimes, the sheer volume of people using a site like eHarmony will yield lots of potential matches in your category, however you define it.