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7 Smart Summer Travel Tips for Seniors 

7 Summer Travel Tips for Seniors

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By Omar Kaywan, Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer at Goose Insurance 

After two years of Covid restrictions and canceled travel plans, older Americans are eager to find adventure again. While taking a trip will give you a much-needed break, there’s no guarantee your plans won’t be disrupted, especially as U.S. airlines continue to deal with staffing shortages and flight cuts. Here are just a few ways you can help make your jet-setting experience a little smoother:

Check Health Advisories  

First, it’s important to check if there are any health or other advisories that could impact your plans. You can stay up-to-date with the current Health Notices and Advisories found on WWW.CDC.GOV/TRAVEL. Not only does this site provide insights on COVID-19 health information for those on the road, but also environmental, political and other virus information.  

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Check for Destination Vaccine and Global Entry Requirements  

Next, you’ll want to make sure you check COVID-19 testing and vaccination requirements. While most U.S. cities have lifted testing and vaccination requirements, adventuring abroad will require a little more research as border closures start to shift to vaccine requirements. Many countries have opted to lift their Covid testing requirements for vaccinated travelers, but unvaccinated adventurers may still need a negative PCR test. 

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Purchase Travel Insurance  

Original Medicare plans are carried with you between states, but if you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, you’ll have to check your individual policy to see if you may face higher costs if you must visit a doctor or hospital out of your network. A travel medical insurance policy can cover any unexpected medical bills, hospital, physician and ambulance services and prescription drugs.  

When considering insurance policies for a trip, it’s important to keep in mind that trip cancellation coverage likely won’t be enough, as the loss is limited to the cost of the trip. If you don’t purchase emergency medical insurance for your trip, the risk exposure is unlimited. It is also critical to get policies that cover pre-existing medical conditions.  

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Check travel insurance requirements for international adventures

Many countries are requiring that tourists have Travel Medical Insurance upon arrival, including coverage of costs for potential COVID-19 medical expenses as well as quarantine coverage. In just the past few months, popular tourist destinations have implemented insurance requirements for tourists. When comparing plans, make sure they include COVID-19 coverage. 


1. Upload your vaccination information to your phone. Take a picture, on iPhone you can also add it to your wallet.  

2. Download the airline app—lots of good resources there for entry requirements. 

3. Get the Goose Insurance app for travel insurance information and proof of COVID-19 Insurance policy right in the app. www.gooseinsurance.com 

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Omar Kaywan, Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer of Goose Insurance, follows travel trends in the U.S. and overseas to stay on top of industry trends that could impact the travel insurance business. He is an expert in trip protection and travel medical insurance coverage and is frequently interviewed about breaking airline industry and travel new to advise consumers on trip planning and how to avoid hidden costs of travel due to cancellations, injuries, or illness. Omar loves to travel, explore new cultures and try ethnic cuisines. His favorite vacation destination is Istanbul, Turkey, an idyllic blend of the old world and new world, where east and west collide. For more information visit: https://www.gooseinsurance.com/en/us