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May Film by Randal C. Hill

Film Review ‘Poms’ by Randal C. Hill

The Sun Springs Retirement Community looks to be brochure perfect and a place with enough regimented activities (tennis, water aerobics, golf, lawn bowling) to...

Film Review “The Wife” by Randal C. Hill

By RANDAL C. HILL In the Sony Pictures Classics offering The Wife, Joan Castleman (Glenn Close) accompanies her husband Joe (Jonathan Pryce), a celebrated writer, to...
Blazing sunset at Honeymoon Island on Florida's west coast.

The Color Red

  “Bet you don’t know why the sun sets red. You see, light is made up of lots of colors. And out of all those...

Strawberry Meals Forever

by Randal Hill Technically, they are known as Fragaria ananassa, but we know them as coveted delights—bright red in color and with an alluring aroma,...

It’s Just a Game! (Or Is It?)

By RANDAL C. HILL On November 25, 2019, three months before Super Bowl LIV was to be played on February 2, 2020, Fox TV announced...

Seasonal Safety is No Accident

by RANDAL C. HILL- Whether you are getting up in years or are taking care of someone who already is, here are some holiday hints...

Holiday Head-Scratchers

By RANDAL C. HILL Whether by yourself or with friends or family, take a break from all the pre-Christmas activity, pour a cup of apple...
Beautiful display of pumpkin on flowering vine

November Nods

Hello readers, In this November issue, we bring you stories about Florida’s favorite adopted son, Jimmy Buffett, as well as meaningful ways to show your...

Flashback: ‘I Love Lucy’

By RANDAL C. HILL In four of its six seasons (1951 to 1957), I Love Lucy was the most watched television show in America. The...
Stingy Jack A Halloween Tale

Stingy Jack Carves Out His Legacy

By RANDAL C. HILL Every Halloween, we see pumpkins aglow with light pouring through triangular eyes and jagged teeth. But did you ever wonder where...
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