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The Hill movie poster, baseball

Movie Preview: Rickey Hill Is True Life Baseball Inspiration

By Randal C. Hill  It’s hard to dream of becoming a professional baseball player when you can barely walk, but that didn’t stop Rickey Hill.   The...
sunshine on my shoulders

Music Flashback: “Sunshine on My Shoulders” 

By Randal C. Hill  “I had written the song in a fit of melancholy one dismal late-winter/early-spring day in Minnesota – the kind of day...
arthur the king

Movie Preview: “Arthur the King” 

By Randal C. Hill  “Arthur the King” has nothing to do with the mythological king of Britain. Rather, it’s about a dog—and friendship and resilience...
The way we were

Marvin Hamlisch’s Answered Prayer: “The Way We Were”

By Randal C. Hill  Marvin Hamlisch, who was responsible for writing the music to Barbra Streisand’s “The Way We Were,” used to utter an unusual...
Taste of Things film

Delicious French Film “The Taste of Things” Thrills Critics

By Randal C. Hill   Can food represent both love and nourishment? According to the film “The Taste of Things,” the answer is obviously “yes.”  The opening...
movie review sometimes I think about dying

Movie Review: “Sometimes I Think About Dying”

By Randal C. Hill  The first order of business here is to not be put off by the title of this worthwhile little gem of...
Music Flashback - You're Sixteen

Blast to the Past! “You’re Sixteen” 

By Randal C. Hill  Since you are reading this in a senior publication, you probably not only remember Ringo Starr’s “You’re Sixteen” from 50 years...
Music Flashback - Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce

There’s Only So Much (Time In a Bottle)

By Randal C. Hill  When Ingrid Croce sat her husband Jim Croce down at the kitchen table on their Pennsylvania farm one night, she told...
candy cane lane movie poster

Eddie Murphy Delights in Christmas Comedy “Candy Cane Lane”

By Randal C. Hill  Brian Grazer, one of the producers of the forthcoming “Candy Cane Lane,” can hardly contain his enthusiasm when he gushes, “I...
Music Flashback - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

3 Things You Didn’t Know About “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”

By Randal C. Hill  Due to a combination of iron and lime, yellow brick roads were fairly common at one time in parts of America....
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