Fall DIYs to Make Your Home Beautiful


By Madison Hansen

It seems like a trick that its already September and we have three months left in the year, and though things have gotten better with Covid-19, it is still safest to continue to socially distance and isolate. With this being said, more people are beginning to find more convenient ways to continue with their everyday lives without the risk of leaving their homes. One way people can do this is by finding cheap and easy ways to decorate their homes. A DIY or “do-it-yourself” project is the perfect way to keep yourself busy without the risk of leaving your home this fall.

Rustic Fall Jars

This easy fall DIY can be done in 15 minutes and with the spare craft tools around your house! To do this DIY you are going to need to find a word you would like to spell out, let’s say “fall”; then you can paint or spray each jar with white paint with black lettering. Let the jars dry and you’re done! This easy DIY will yield different jars for you to put Halloween candy, sunflower seeds, flowers or whatever fall treats you have around the house to put in while still acting as a cute fall decoration for your home.

Leaf Art

Leaf art has always been an easy and cute way to decorate the home without spending the big bucks! The only tools you’ll need for this craft is a leaf(s), Mod Podge or any clear glue, and some type of canvas. If you want to really make it stand out you can write or draw on the background to help the leaf stand out. When you first start this craft, if you want you can decorate the background, then you lay the leaf down and use the Mod Podge to glue the leaf down, then you let it dry and you’re done! In three, (possibly two) steps, you can be done with this stunning art piece that will brighten up any home.

Rustic Stick Candle

A stick candle is as easy as one, two, three! All you will need for this fun fall craft is a candle, glue and sticks of some sort! The type of sticks you use is entirely up to the crafter; a fun way to spice this craft up is by using cinnamon sticks around your candle. The first step is adding glue to the sticks, then you press them onto the candle. Once this is done you can decorate to your desire! Add twine to make it look more natural, or a cute plate under the candle to collect the wax. This craft adds rustic decor to your home while also adding a pleasant scent that any guest is sure to notice!

cinnamon stick candle holder

Wine Cork Pumpkin

For all the wine lovers this easy DIY helps you go green by putting those corks to good use! This craft might be the easiest of them all; all that will be needed for this craft is old wine corks and glue, plus extra decorations for final touches. The only step that needs to be done is to glue all the corks together in the shape of a pumpkin! For extra detail, add small decorations to the pumpkin likes leaves or berries. This small pumpkin can be added to any room for a fun decoration.

Living through these hard times can take a toll on someone’s mental and physical health, you aren’t alone. Tese little crafts are an easy and cheap way to help pass the time. Being inside sometimes all day can be draining, and while reading classics may help take your mind off things, these little crafts are an easy way to help brighten your home and keep busy.


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