A Healthy Holiday Season Ahead

A Healthy Holiday Season Ahead

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By Rebecca Fending 

Life is full of changes and adaptation, something we are reminded of with the turning of the seasons. Although Florida doesn’t show the dramatic flaming end of summer seen in northern areas of the country, we can still feel the slight chill to the air that means the busiest time of the year is coming.  

Tackling the Holiday Season

With holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday (hey, that’s a major holiday for us shopaholics), Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s, responsibilities and schedules fill up quick. My best advice is to tackle at least one holiday-related preparation task each day that you’re able. Whether it’s buying a gift that you know you want to get for a person, planning out a menu or even booking a flight to somewhere, ticking off the to-do list one thing at a time is the only to get it all done. Or at least, all done without tearing your hair out.  

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And in between those times of running around and figuring out a schedule for the months to come, be sure to just breathe in the fresh autumn air. This doesn’t have to be literal, although it definitely can be. Enjoying this fleeting season can include simply being outside more, possibly with evening walks after dinner. I remember reading a while back that walking for 15 minutes after eating is a great way to help your body better digest food and helps regulate your blood sugar. This is likely because your body must immediately use the fuel just consumed to keep energy levels elevated for exercise, so carbohydrates are quickly moved through your body. Don’t quote me on that; it’s just a best guess.  

This method of lowering blood glucose post-dinner is especially great for after bigger meals like Thanksgiving dinner. Once everyone at the table has eaten their fill, let the leftovers cool off, and the dishes sit. Go for a walk around the neighborhood! I promise the benefits of walking outweigh any trouble caked-on mashed potatoes or solidified candied yams may pose when it comes time for rinsing dishes.  

Exercising by walking after indulging in Halloween treats and candy can also be extremely useful. Given that sweet treats are typically comprised of solely sugars, the walking method after indulging in dessert or sweet snacks is an excellent one. If you’re lucky enough, sweets may actually add a boost of energy to your walk and turn it into a light jog. But we won’t get ahead of ourselves—a nice walk does just as well and won’t run you the risk of midsection cramps.  

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No matter how you plan on spending the fall season, always be sure to leave some time for just you. Treat yourself to quiet time, a beach day or even make yourself your favorite comfort meal. After all, fall is the time to get cozy and focus on self-care.  

Have a great month, and we’ll see you in November! 


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