A Mother’s Day Wish

I’m currently in a downsizing phase. My fantasy is to live the rest of my days ready for a trip to Paris – or an emergency hurricane evacuation – and not have to choose what to take with me. If I’m successful, everything I own will fit in one suitcase, preferably a carry-on bag.

Therefore, I’m going to pen this preemptive note to my family, hoping to stave off unwanted gifts. And I mean this in a very loving way.

Susan Goldfein holds a doctorate in Communication Disorders from Teachers
College, Columbia University, and enjoyed a successful career as a clinician,
teacher, and consultant. For more essays filled with wit, wisdom and irony,
visit Susan’s blog, susansunfilteredwit.com. Her book, How Old Am I in Dog
Years? may be purchased on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com



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