4 Fun, Free Activities to Pass the Time While Quarantined

4 Fun, Free Activities to Pass the Time While Quarantined

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By Rebecca Fending

With the recently reported cases of COVID-19 spreading through Florida, those over 50 have been told to take extra care by removing themselves from public spaces. This has left many people searching for activities to do during their time indoors. Whether you’re quarantining or self-isolating, your time spent inside doesn’t have to feel like you’re on prison lockdown. With today’s technology, you still have a tin can and string to the outside world. Here are some great mentally stimulating games and activities that are completely free to download for you to enjoy during your time in quarantine:

Words With Friends

Calling all wordsmiths or Scrabble lovers: Words with Friends is an online version that’s similar to (but not associated with) the classic word game. And the best part is, it’s easy and free to download on your smartphone, tablet, or computer with a simple web search. There are endless puzzles to be played with competitors since it is a globally played game. Download the app now to play against competitors worldwide, friends, or family members from the comfort of your home.

Screenshot of Words With Friends from user Adam Lederer on Flickr

Word Search Pro

Maybe competitive word games aren’t your thing, don’t worry! Word Search Pro is another free application you can download on any device to add to your home activities. In this game, you can take your time and find the listed words located throughout the puzzle. This is a great way to broaden your vocabulary, hone your spelling, or practice your puzzle skills. Not only are games such as Word Search Pro fun, but they can also help stimulate the brain in a way that’s beneficial for those with dementia. With unlimited puzzles, Word Search Pro is endless entertainment.

Candy Crush

Perfect for those of us that need a break from reading or word games, Candy Crush offers a stimulating display of brightly colored virtual candies. You play by swiping your screen to switch around candies in order to make a row of three or more similar sweets in order to reach the level goal. Candy Crush is an ideal game for those who like to plan ahead in games, a bit like chess. Strategy comes in handy when moving through the game’s levels, proving it to be a great game to add to your activities for brain health. This game has unlimited levels, so there’s no fear of running out of Candy Crush entertainment.

Education Station

Take this opportunity to expand your horizons and learn about something you’ve always wanted to know. Whether it’s educating yourself through reading various online articles, YouTube videos, or even watching a documentary, your quarantine or social distancing period is a great time to do so. From learning about astronomy to how to fix a household appliance, the internet is a great resource for learning more about any subject.

Start Your Artistic Journey

Are you tired of looking at a screen? Great activities to do while kept inside involve resurrecting your artistic talents. Break out your pen and paper, paintbrush and canvas, or charcoal and sketchbook. If you’ve been meaning to get back into your art, there’s no time like the present. Let your imagination roam free, whether you’re writing, drawing, or painting. Not only can art offer hours of revitalizing entertainment, but in the end, you’ll have a unique and beautiful piece of art!

Dive back into your paints to make the most of your time indoors. Image from Pixabay.

Although it may seem unfair and even scary, quarantine or self-isolation is a great way to find new (or rediscover old) hobbies and interests. Whether it’s through an electronic device or a pencil held in hand, there’s no shortage of activities to keep you occupied. Keep yourself safe by staying entertained in your home with materials you already have!


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