April’s Tech Guide: Manage all things home right from your phone

Taking care of your home is a lot like taking care of your body – if you’re disciplined about doing a few little things each day and you actually keep to a schedule for your annual check-ups, most likely you’ll catch a lot of the little things before they escalate into big, scary expensive things. That’s what makes routine upkeep and seasonal home maintenance so important. But just like exercise, sometimes “life happens” and our best intentions gets pushed by the wayside. So why not let technology give you the little push you may need to keep your home on track? As technology seeps into every area of our lives, we’ve selected three of the top (free!) apps designed to help you keep your home happy and healthy all year long.


Automate maintenance & much more

BrightNest, from HomeAdvisor

Tackle important home tasks with easy-to-follow instructions, a highly customizable schedule and helpful reminders. From maintenance recommendations based on the seasons and your region, to cheap cleaning tricks and creative home decor ideas, this app really does do it all – and with a quite pretty aesthetic to top it all off. The shiny simplicity of the apps design along with the all-in-one functionality thanks to such vast content areas, this app definitely tops our list.


All your home information, organized.

LifeChest, by Erin Cole

Owning a home involves a lot of paperwork. With everything from appliance instruction manuals to utility company account numbers, it can start to seem endless. Lifechest solves your information overload with its organizational storage software designed to keep all of your important documents in one place. There’s a place for receipts for previous home repairs, as well as a contact sheet to list all your trusted vendors – so when the toilet stops working, you won’t have to search for the plumber’s number. We especially like that this app does more than manage home documents, it also has a place to store health and insurance information – and even end of life care.

DIY Tip_opt

Let Reader’s Digest’s “Family Handy Man” save you time, hassle and $$$

DIY Tip Genius, Reader’s Digest

Sometimes you just want to do it yourself (DIY). Often thought of as a way to save money, if you take on a DIY project you can’t handle you may end up spending even more to fix it. The DIY Tip Genius app wants to help you to get your hands dirty and earn the satisfaction only DIY projects can bring, but not without a little expert know-how to keep you safe – and thrifty. Download this app to make your next DIY home improvement project a winner.


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