Pinellascopes: Your Astrological Outlook for March 2022

Pinellascopes: Your Astrological Outlook for March 2022

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Happy March!


Busy skies ahead, Aries, as Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, transits your house of hermitage and seclusion. That might not make a lot of sense, but the “busy” is in the inner work, the healing process. This is your best time in years to heal childhood trauma and focus on your dreams, which will be coming true very soon once your birthday season begins on March 21.


The Universe has a lively month in store for you, Bulls. Oozing charm and grace, your popularity is on the rise, and you may even be voted Most Likely To… well, to do something fun. Aim high and dream big because great things are around the corner. I should also mention that travel will bring good luck this month.


You’ve got a big month ahead of you, Gems, as doors are opening right, left, over and under. You have a special dose of good fortune lurking in your professional life this month, so get ready for your closeup Norma Desmond… I mean my Gemini friends.

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Prepare yourself for new horizons, because Jupiter is helping you expand in areas like media, education, travel and basic truth telling. It’s also a fortuitous time to heal any traumas that have been lurking under the surface. Yes, relationship themes are still featured (when will this ever end?), but resolutions are around the corner.


Festive Leo! Admit it, that’s your favorite “F” word. Intimacy is on the front burner this month and you may see a large chunk of change from a court settlement, alimony, Uncle Sam, the possibilities are endless with Jupiter transiting your eighth house of other people’s money. Fair warning, there may be a few dark clouds, but you will find the strength and persevere.


March promises to be productive, just the way you like it, and sweet, which you also enjoy. If partnered, you could grow closer this month than ever before. If single, this might be the time that you meet your twin flame, soul mate, your lobster, whatever you like to call it. 

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Keep charging ahead, Libra. This month promises to be a productive time for you bringing ease, happiness and blessings to your everyday work. If you’re looking for another job, carpe diem, baby! It’s yours for the taking. It’s also a good time to tweak those health and wellness goals that you’ve been putting off since January second.


Joseph Campbell, who was an Aries, was a big proponent of following your bliss. This is the month to channel your inner Joseph Campbell and embrace your heart’s calling, whether it be love, your career, your creativity or home and family. Wherever you experience your bliss is where you will find success.


You have new opportunities coming your way, my Sag friends. Your homelife and family will be especially blessed this March, as Jupiter transits your home zone. Jupiter expands everything it touches, so you may move to a bigger and better home or redecorate in an extravagant way. The choice is yours.


Don’t get too comfortable, Cappies, because new directions are ahead. Anything having to do with writing, speaking, marketing and intellectual endeavors will be extremely fortunate for you. Do you have a blog or book you’d like to publish? This is the time. Take the first step and watch the money flow.


In 2021, Aquarians were the flavor of the year. In 2022, you’re still an MVP but this time you’re number one with the money. You are likely to find prosperity in the form of a raise, promotion, or a new job. With Saturn’s help, you’ll sow seeds and set down roots and plans that will continue to build over the next 30 years. Yes, I said 30 years.


Happy birthday season, Pisces! You’re the bell of the ball, the apple in everyone’s eye, the whipped cream topping on the Kooky Coconut ice cream sundae in Indian Rocks Beach. March will be filled with pleasure as you begin a brand-new chapter of your life. Dream big, go far and don’t look back.