Pinellascopes: Your Astrological Outlook for November 2021

Pinellascopes: Your Astrological Outlook for November 2021

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November is yours for the taking, but with Saturn and Jupiter in humanity-lovin’ Aquarius, the secret to success is that your mission must be rooted in something bigger for the greater good. Aries enjoy being the lone wolf, but this is the month to stand on the mountain, hold hands and join in on the song, “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.” 


I’m going to give it to you straight. Uranus has been transiting your sign since 2018 and won’t leave until 2025. You’re in the midst of the deep dive of the maelstrom. You have a series of eclipses beginning November 19 that will initiate change from the way you see the world, your tribe and you. Don’t resist. You know how it feels to ride the wave? Go with the flow.

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This month is the perfect time to confront any real or imagined gatekeepers in your life. November may find you struggling with restrictions, real or imagined. What’s really in your way right now? And it is real or just your imagination? Once you answer these questions, December will be filled with fresh awakenings.


You know how you hide yourself away in your crabby shell, protecting yourself from the pain of the world? That’s why you’re the homebody of the zodiac, all born from protecting your tender, squishy underbelly. This month is not about that, my love. The sun is shining, and people want to adore you. I don’t blame you for being suspicious, but sometimes a rose is a rose. Trust.


There is a great misperception about Leos, that they’re basking in the spotlight 24/7, wallowing in adoration, constantly attention-seeking. Leos are more like the cat. Cats sleep 12 to 16 hours per day. You are very similar to your totem animal in that you crave solitary reflection and rest. November is time to dig deep to access your power source.


As a Virgo, you are well aware that the devil is in the details. Your goal is to encode as many healthy, loving habits into your daily routine in order to manifest sparks of the divine. Virgos are in a lovely place to teach the world that magic doesn’t simply exist in grandiose displays. Magic can also be found in something as tiny as a quark or in your morning routine.


Of course Librans doubt themselves from time to time. Libran’s question everything. It’s in their DNA. The bad news is that the last couple of years have left you questioning your self-worth more than ever before. Ask yourself, how have you sold yourself short and permitted your value to be diminished? Start the rebuilding process by making your home a sanctuary so that you can rebuild team Libra. It’s time.


The full moon partial lunar eclipse on the 19th heralds in a new eclipse cycle which will start a conversation on power, ownership and self-worth, subjects that make your little heart go pitty-pat. This eclipse cycle will take you through 2023, so sit back and get comfortable because this is a new era for you.


You can probably feel it coming. When Sag season hits this year, you are ready to go full super nova. To make the most out of this special time, use November to center yourself, go deep and ground yourself so you don’t fly too close to the sun. Pay attention to what history has to teach you and then plot your course.              

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With Venus and Juno entering Capricorn this month, you are dripping with feminine artistry and beauty. Scorpio season usually triggers your relationship issues, making you more thick-skinned than usual. Your best course is to focus on what makes you unique, special, and authentic. In this time of fake friends and fake groups, real stuff is the most precious.


You’ve got a lot of mojo in your 10th house of career and power plays as well as your first house of self-identity. The issue comes when we experience a few clashes this month. The transits for you will feel like major leaps forward in one area, then facing blowback in the other. It’s all about balance.


Does your ego feel tattered and scattered to the winds? It’s time to put the pieces back together, but you don’t have to do it alone. The full moon partial lunar eclipse in Taurus on the 19th will provide clarity for your goals and values, but you need to speak the words in order to make it real.


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