Pinellascopes: Your Astrological Outlook for July

Pinellascopes: Your Astrological Outlook for July

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Congratulations! We’ve made it to July. We have a month where we can express ourselves and explore what makes us happy. 

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, joy and miracles, continues to navigate its way through Pisces until the end of the month, bringing magic at every corner. Reach for the stars this month, because you’ll find that it’s within reach. 

Mars, the energizer bunny of the zodiac, will be in Leo, adding more excitement and drama to our lives. 

For those dreaming of a summer of love, it’s here and the stars are aligned. However, we have free will and it is up to you to reach for your dreams. Don’t just wait for it to come to you. Put yourself out there.

Read on to find out what July has in store for you.

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Your Astrological Outlook for July


It’s July and that means it’s the time to focus on your home and family life. The new moon on July 9 might assist in creating stability and joy in where you are, or perhaps helping you to move to a better location. Use this time to consider how to bring more beauty into your home.

The focus this month will be to embrace your passions, as Mars lights up your fifth house of love, children, creativity and joy. Singles could find their soulmate or have the chance to grow closer to the ones you love.

The full moon at the end of the month in your fulfillment zone will illuminate on the evening of July 23. Aim high and believe in yourself. 


July is the time to listen to your intuition. What messages do you want to broadcast to the world? With a new moon in your communication house on July 9, you might have a unique opportunity to write, speak, advertise or even begin a marketing project. Some of you may even get the urge to travel and get out of town. I have three words of advice; “Just do it.”

The full moon on July 23 finds a major career milestone coming your way. You might find yourself rising to the top in your industry and ready to make your mark on the world. What brings you to the spotlight now is a preview of coming attractions later in the year. Get ready to take your place in the spotlight.


It’s been a tough few months and Geminis have been due for a break for some time. July might see that big break arrive in the form of some much-needed prosperity. The new moon on July 9 in your prosperity house brings an opportunity to look for a better paying job or take on a lucrative new assignment. Mars ignites your communication house all month, making you charming and persuasive. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, is also working to give you that chance to shine. 

A full moon on July 23 could bring a turning point around an academic, media, traveling or legal matter. On your mark, get set, GO!

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Happy birthday, Cancer! The most important day of July is the new moon on the 9th, which falls in your sign of Cancer. It’s your personal new year, so make those resolutions and create that vision board. Whatever it is that you wish for, don’t just pine away. Take those important first steps and the Universe will reward you by setting it in motion. Seize the day!

Mars in your money zone is telling you to exercise caution and watch your bottom line.  This is not the time to go crazy and spend more than you bring in. However, if you work hard and ask for what you want, you have that Mars energy on your side.

The full moon on the 23rd of shared assets could bring attention to a debt, money, bill or investment that could change your life.


With Mars lighting up your sign all month, you are even more of an epic force than usual. Use that charm, energy and courage to tackle your most important projects for the next two years, as Mars works in a two-year cycle. Mars will give you the power needed to succeed.

The new moon on July 9 asks you to take a break, strategize and dream about your future. This is also a perfect time to get those pesky doctors and dentist appointments out of the way before your birthday month.

The full moon on July 23 in your relationship house might bring an issue to a head with a significant relationship. Should you stay or should you go? You might receive some answers and will know what road to take. 


When you have Jupiter, the planet of good fortune in your partnership house all month, you could be moving forward and deepening your bonds with your special someone. If single, you might be meeting your soulmate. The new moon on July 9 will bring you in touch with friends and colleagues who love and believe in you, so network and show yourself to the world. This is a powerful time for connection, Virgo, so take advantage.

The full moon on July 23 will have you focusing on your work and health, topics never far from the Virgo mind. Even if you are facing some issues, you have the power to problem solve in an efficient manner. 


The new moon on July 9 has you focused on your career. You could now be in line for a promotion or finding the job that has eluded you thus far. Mars transiting your community zone encourages you to network, which could be the key to your success.  Lucky thing, as networking is a joy for the charming Libra. Ask for that introduction and connect with those who will support your dreams. 

You turn from career to love on the full moon July 23. A turning point in love or a creative matter is in the offing. Looking for love? The stars want you to be happy, Libra. 

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Have you been working hard towards your goals, Scorpio?  If so, the Universe wants to reward your efforts. If you’re not happy with your job, use this energy to start off in a new direction. You have the stars on your side. 

A new moon on July 9 in your expansion house encourages you to think big. If you have an academic goal, media project or trip in the works, you can’t find a better time. 

The full moon in your home zone arrives on July 23, which brings a turning point in your home life, real estate or family situation. It might bring a wake up call, but once you’ve jumped the hurdle, the rest of the year is positive. 


You’ve got the urge to merge, as the new moon in your intimacy zone finds you needing more affection. You have the support you need at your fingertips. You just need to ask. You also might find the opportunity to increase benefits, apply and receive a loan or see some positive movement regarding a debt.

The full moon on the 23rd falls in your communication house and it finds you focused on communicating your most important ideas. You could also find yourself writing, speaking, marketing or communicating which could bring new contracts and more money. Make sure to read the agreements carefully before signing on the dotted line. 


I realize that you want to focus on your work 24/7, 12 months a year, but July is asking you to take a break and examine your close relationships, Cappy. A new moon on the 9th makes this a fabulous time to get engaged or even, dare we say it, get hitched. Single Caps could meet that special someone. You deserve a partner that will support your journey on this planet. And to make things even more delicious, Mars will be heating up your intimacy zone, so your sex drive and desires are off the charts.

The full moon on the 23rd in your prosperity house could bring a shift around your money in the form of a raise, new job or a big expense, so be cautious. 

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July finds the Water Bearer stepping into your power. With energizer bunny Mars in your opposite sign of Leo all month, you’re focused on your closest relationships and partnerships, working to achieve a goal with a special someone? You’ll go farther as a team rather than flying solo. Singles can use this mojo to find a special someone. 

The new moon on July 9 has you focusing on your productivity and may bring exciting projects or even a new job offer. Your health routine could also be on your mind. If you’d like to make any changes within these areas, make a plan and see it through.

To end the month, the full moon will appear in your sign on July 23. This could bring a major turning point or manifest a major goal you’ve been working toward for six months or longer. It’s still your year, Aquarius, and with Jupiter re-entering your sign through the end of the year; tag, you’re it. 


Having Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, in your sign is like experiencing your birthday every day. Embrace the joy and peace that should be coming your way, because Jupiter will be leaving Pisces at the end of July. Don’t worry, because it comes back to you in December. It’s time to set intentions, launch new projects and dream big.

The new moon on July 9 could open doors to love. If partnered, spend more time with the one you love. If single, get out and mingle. 

To end the month, a full moon in your 12th house of dreams and reflection will appear on July 23. You may feel the need to lie low, recharge and daydream near this time. If for some reason you’ve been putting off a health or dental visit, now is the moment to get up to date.


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