Aug-2021 Southwest

Spotlight Topics

National Honey Bee Awareness Day

Honey bees are the silent source of nearly a third of our global food supply. Learn more about the importance of these little insects this month and what you can do to help keep them buzzing.

Senior Citizens Day 

Although August 21 is designated Senior Citizens Day, celebrate yourself all month long with Lifestyles After 50. Reminisce with music and pop culture flashbacks, get a laugh from humor articles, learn about health advice and treat yourself to a sweet recipe.

Local Stories

Spirit Fest in Punta Gorda 

The LARGEST METAPHYSICAL FAIR IN SOUTHWEST FLORIDA!! 100 booths with vendors, practitioners, readers, authors, demonstrations and more!

Lee County Officials Battle Mosquitos at Peak 

CAPE CORAL, Fla.- Mosquitos are something Floridians have to deal with, year-round. However, this time of the year when experts say mosquitos are at their worst.

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