Beautiful May is Here!


By Michele D. Baker 

May is a beautiful month in the South – the weather is fine, the leaves are green, and the beach beckons. 

In May, there are also lots of fun celebrations, including “May the Fourth Be With You” (for those who are interested in the Star Wars movies); Cinco de Mayo, which we celebrates Mexican heritage and culture; mothers and grandmothers everywhere on Mother’s Day; and the official start of barbecue and picnic season on Memorial Day at the end of May. 

One fun way to celebrate this gorgeous time of year is to make yourself a Gratitude Jar. Sit down with 31 small pieces of paper (one for each day in May) and write yourself little inspirational messages or gratitudes. For example, you might write: “I am grateful for my brilliant granddaughters, April, May and June.” Or “Thank you for my fragrant flower garden overlooking the park,” or “I am so happy to be married to my wonderful spouse for 47 years.” Fold up each little paper and put it in the jar. Each day, pull out a message and be inspired! 

May is also the month to allow yourself to be honored and cared for, so you might also share the delicious recipes this month – banana pancakes and fluffy scrambled eggs with asparagus and homemade Hollandaise sauce – with a gentle reminder that breakfast in bed is always welcome. 

Enjoy your spring!