Best Couples Winners Announced


Thanks to all who entered the Best Couple Contest. We were overwhelmed
with the number of stories our readers sent in. We found them warm, funny,
touching and heartfelt, each special in its own way. It truly was fun to read them all.

Ironically, it made coming to a consensus incredibly difficult so we just did what any panel of indecisive judges would do – we copied all names on pieces of paper and drew from a bucket!

Congratulations to Marc Lanciaux and Laurence Veras who will be going to see the amazing Shen Yun, an uplifting and inspiring show of Chinese acrobats. These are their works.

Laurence, standing second from the left, attended Alicia’s fourth birthday party. She is seated third from the left. He is now 78, she is 76.


Alicia and Laurence Veras of Clearwater
were married Nov. 26, 1960

Everybody Loves Alicia
by Laurence Veras of Clearwater

When our children were young, they loved showing their friends the photo of their Mom and me at her 4th birthday party. One could say that’s how our romantic journey began.

We started dating when Alicia was 16 and I was 18. After four years of courtship, we’ve been married for 56 years.

Here’s the astonishing part: During that time, Alicia never said anything to cause a spat. If there was a sitcom about her it would be “Everybody Loves Alicia.”

I am oh-so-lucky she kept me around. There are four children, nine grandchildren and three great grands who are lucky as well.

We Go Together Like Eggs and Toast

Written and illustrated by Marc Lanciaux, Port Charlotte

The combination is odd,
We just make it possible.
Before we joined as one,
My heart was gone.
A hole in my center,
Waiting for someone to enter.
Then one day,
My love filled my heart.
                                                       That was a start,
                                                     Of our everlasting bond.


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