Books Every Dad Will Love on Father’s Day

Flights of Angels book by Doug James

By Kathy A. Megyeri 

We’ve compiled a handy list of gift books for any dad. Any of the great selections below is sure to please. 

Is Dad a military veteran? He might like these books by Doug James. 

He might enjoy these two books by writer Doug James: “Flights of Angels,” a novel about a WWII Navy pilot, or “Military Trivia, Fascinating Facts from the World of Warfare.” James has gathered military facts on martial music, notable nicknames, famous people who’ve served, GI jargon, and history of monuments and uniforms.  

There are also tidbits like the youngest serviceman in WWII (he was 12), the fact that Gen. George Patton was an Olympian, that Audrey Hepburn was a spy, the fact that colorblind soldiers were used as camouflage spotters, or that moviemaker Cecil B. DeMille designed the Air Force Academy’s uniform. 

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If Dad watches old John Wayne westerns and war movies… 

john wayne jokes book cover

Then he’ll relish the “Official John Wayne Big Book of Dad Jokes, Good Clean Fun for the Whole Family, Pilgrim” by Jeremy K. Brown. This delightful compendium is packed with over 400 puns, riddles, jokes, and quips that will prove Dad’s status as the ultimate John Wayne fan. In-depth essays on the star’s films and scenes, rare on-set photos, anecdotes, and exclusive quotes from his family are included, especially those written by son Ethan.  

When he won the Best Actor Academy Award for “True Grit” in 1969, Wayne said, “I should have put on that eye patch 35 years earlier. I’m an American movie actor, so I work with my clothes on. I have to. Horses are rough on your legs and on your elsewheres.”  

Does Dad enjoy his retirement? Then what about a bucket list book? 

If he’s driving your mother nuts, buy him “The Ultimate Bucket List, 150 Hilarious, Unexpected Adventures, Activities, and Discoveries to Fill Your Golden Years,” by Gary Wanderwell. These handpicked, offbeat, and fun activities offer a chance for personal growth, suggestions to rediscover a passion, conquer a fear, and create some priceless memories.  

Author Wanderwell encourages retirees to break free and cultivate deeper connections to family and friends, ignite curiosity and invest in happiness to help create an unforgettable legacy. Included are unexpected ideas like organizing a thrift store fashion show, glamping (luxury camping), becoming an urban gardener, enjoying a mystery vacation, joining an impro theater group, attending a mixology class, taking a digital photography or video editing class, creating a memory wall, and volunteering abroad. 

One of the most interesting is having him write a letter to his future self. Connect with inner wisdom, share thoughts on his current life, his hopes for the future, and advice he’d like to leave to others. He could create a written snapshot of his life today, seal it and store it in a safe place, and when he or his family opens it, all will be amazed at the wisdom, insight, and memories that he’s shared… it’ll be one of the greatest gifts he’ll leave behind.