Book Review: The Power of Age, A Blueprint for Maturing with Style

Book Review: The Power of Age: A Blueprint for Maturing with Style

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By Kathy A. Megyeri 

This colorful volume profiling women who are aging with style, confidence, influence and grace offers guidance and tips to guide us on our path, as well. This Kelly Doust book includes candid interviews with world leaders, entertainers, business leaders and fashion icons will inspire readers to take even more control of their finances and investments, spiritual growth, careers and their own fashion choices. Their honesty on how they manage their money, handle stress, dress for comfort and style, and deal with family obligations make the book seem as if readers, too, are part of their sisterhood.  

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Modern Women and Age

No topic is too sensitive or taboo. The illustrations spotlight more than 50 power women who address ways they kept active and healthy, practiced self-care and reflection, kept seeking adventure and travel, and fostered self-growth and enhanced relationships with others. It’s an uplifting read that will inspire readers to seek even more opportunities for all that life has to offer.  

The subjects are over 40 and most are well over 50, but all encourage, motivate and inspire. Doust, an author and lifestyle book publisher who resides in Australia, celebrates the way that modern women are re-defining themselves as they age. They are the most successful entrepreneurs, they’re more visible and they’re in powerful positions. Gorgeous pictures spotlight women we know and love—women like fashion icon 98-year-old Iris Apfel, rocker Patti Smith and French actress Catherine Deneuve have figured out who they are, what’s inspired them, and what’s kept them still curious.  

There are spotlights on Ruth Bader Ginsberg whose followers still wear t-shirts with her likeness, model-turned-businesswoman Elle “The Body” McPherson, poet, author and activist Maya Angelou, fashion setter Anna Wintour, model Kate Moss, actress Meryl Streep, former First Lady Michelle Obama, actress Cate Blanchett, writer Virginia Woolf, singer Tina Turner and even actress Helen Mirren who said, “The greatest gift every girl can have is economic independence.”  They all attest to the fact that we should wear our ages as badges of honor.   

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Doust examines the experiences that have shaped their lives, probes what holds the most meaning for these figures and implores them to share what sort of legacy they hope to leave. “The Power Age” is really a celebration of growing older that will leave the reader embracing this phase of life. As Diana Vreeland, former editor-in-chief of Vogue, once said, “The only real elegance is in the mind. If you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it.” 


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