Brain Health


Factors we can avoid or control include:
• health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke,
and depression
• brain injuries
• some medicines, or improper use of them
• lack of physical activity
• poor diet
• smoking
• drinking too much alcohol
• sleep problems
• isolation and lack of social activity

Health Problems
Many health conditions pose risks to cognitive function.
Take steps to prevent or seek treatment for the following:

• heart disease and high blood pressure – can lead to
stroke and changes in blood vessels related to dementia
• diabetes – damages blood vessels in body and
brain; increases risk for stroke and heart attack;
increased risk for Alzheimer’s
• Alzheimer’s disease—a buildup of harmful proteins
and other changes in the brain that leads to memory
loss and other thinking problems
• stroke—can damage blood vessels in the brain and
increase risk for vascular dementia
• depression—can lead to confusion or attention problems;
also linked to dementia
• delirium—acute state of confusion


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