‘Breasts: The Owner’s Manual:

Every Woman’s Guide to Reducing Cancer Risk, Making Treatment Choices, and Optimizing Outcomes’

Cover of the book: Breasts, The Owners Manual
By Dr. Kristi Funk, Thomas Nelson (publisher) 416 pp.

Book Review by: KATHY MEGYERI

When the doctor who performed actress Angelina Jolie’s widely publicized, double prophylactic mastectomy writes a book on women’s breasts, people take notice. And when singer and breast cancer survivor Sheryl Crow writes a passionate foreword to that book, it garners even more attention.

Breasts: The Owner’s Manual is an empowering and all inclusive guide to breast health by Dr. Kristi Funk, a board certified breast cancer surgeon who graduated with distinction
from Stanford in 1991 and received a medical degree from the University of California School of Medicine. She’s a frequent co-host on The Doctors and the breast cancer expert on Good Morning America. As co-founder of the Pink Lotus Breast Center, she has helped to transform the delivery of breast cancer healthcare in the U.S.

Considered the definitive book on breasts, this volume contains ten chapters sectioned into four parts: Breast Health Basics, Reducing Breast Cancer Risk, Learning Your Risk Factors and Controlling What You Can, and Making Medical Choices and Living with Risk. In spite of the book’s depth and size, it is not overwhelming; readers can pick and choose the appropriate topic and use it as an in-home reference.

This national bestseller guides readers on ways to reduce their breast cancer risk and recurrence risk by focusing on the latest research and prevention methods. It also explores uncontrollable risk factors for the disease and outlines medical choices for those recently diagnosed, living with, or navigating life after breast cancer. The book presents the latest treatments and details how well they work for all kinds of breast cancer.

This disease is the No.1 killer of women ages 20-59; the likelihood of it increases with age. Throughout a lifetime, one in eight women will get it, and most of them (87% percent) will not have a first-degree relative with breast cancer. This guide shows us how the choices we make every day are essential to our health.

Dr. Funk’s writing style is remarkable for its good humor and encouraging manner, speaking to us with memorable quips such as, “The easiest cancer to cure is the one you never get,”
or, “Your goal is not to give cancer a happy home.”

What I found most helpful was the “Beat It Breast Cancer” checklist at the end of the book that addresses whole foods and plant-based diets, exercise, reduction or elimination of smoking and alcohol, stress management, and much more.

During October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, consider this book another tool for helping you to become your healthiest self.

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