The Best Ways to Care for Your Aging Skin

The Best Ways to Care for Your Aging Skin
Image from Pixabay

Image from Pixabay

By Rebecca Fending

As we start aging, our skin seems to be one of the first places it shows. Seniors may begin experiencing dryness which is caused by a depletion of vitamins that were abundant in our younger bodies. As our skin is the largest organ of our body, it’s crucial that we take care of it through our older years. From taking supplements to slathering on what intially seems like too much lotion, here’s how you can manage your skin care at an older age.

Cut Back on Showering

Showering is great for maintaining personal hygiene and even relaxation. However, as we age, our skin needs to hold on to any bit of natural moisture. This means that the naturally produced oil that sits atop our skin needs to stay there for as long as it’s able. Don’t let this scare you; the potential of dry skin doesn’t mean is that you should stop showering altogether. There are simple swaps you can make to ensure that you’re doing the best for your caring for your aging skin:

  • Shorten your showers: Keep your showers on the quick side to make sure that you aren’t exposing your skin to warm or hot water for too long. Prolonged use of hot water can slowly burn your skin and leave affects similar to a sunburn.
  • Use warm, not hot, water: Although a hot shower may be a great way to relax at the end of a long day, the lasting affects may not have the same affect. Not only can hot water interfere with your blood pressure by raising it, but it can also stress your skin to the point of infection or overproduction of oil. Be sure to make your water just warm enough to be enjoyable, but not hot enough to make your skin flushed.
  • Invest in a quality moisturizer: Both senior men and women both should be sure they’re using a quality lotion without parabens to ensure their aging skin is retaining and obtaining moisture to the best of its ability after showering. The best moisturizers you can invest in for your skin are referred to as humectants. These moisturizers not only lock in the skin’s moisture, but they also draw moisture from the surrounding air. Examples of humectants in a moisturizer are hyalouronic acid, aloe vera, and honey.

Invest in New Skin Care Products

Similar to the last point of the previous section, the best way to give your aging skin the extra care it needs is by adding moisture when needed. This means that paying a bit more for a product that may have better or richer ingredients could be beneficial in the longrun.

For many men, skin care can be a touchy subject. They tend to disregard moisturizing for a mulititude of reasons. However, aging skin conditions aren’t picky when it comes to your gender. Investing in a moisturizing lotion is a step both men and women over 50 should consider. Always be sure to read the ingredients on the product’s label to ensure that it’s a good fit for your skin in specific.

Moisturize both face and body after washing away natural oils. Image from Pixabay

Protect Your Hands and Feet

Our hands and feet tend to take the brunt of our body’s daily activities. This means that they require extra care when it comes to the aging skin that protects them. Our hands tend to be the most washed portion of our bodies. Be sure to use a hand lotion after washing your hands or doing dishes. This will help replenish moisture lost after washing away previously produced hand and finger oils. As for your feet, but sure to use a thick moisturizer immediately after you shower. This will not only help you be more confident in sandals and flip flops, but it will keep your heels from cracking from dry skin.

Moisturizing your hands after washing them is a great way to keep the skin from becoming too dry. Image from The Independent

Always be sure to protect and mend your aging skin as best you can. Whether it’s by using and applying coats of sunblock or taking vitamin D supplements to help bring moisture to your skin from the inside, treat your skin with care.


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