How to Care for Your Lawn in Summer

How to Care for Your Lawn in Summer
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By Kay Burton

Summer heat can really take a toll on your lawn, more so if you do not have a solid program. If you don’t address the early signs of pests, mow too low, or water too little, or too much, your turf can lose its luster fast or even die. 

All seasons lawn care, including summer, require mowing your lawn properly and watering it just right. In addition, you will have to control the weeds and use the best fertilizer for grass to maintain the soil’s fertility. In this article, we’ll take a look at several strategies. By using these simple tips, you’ll have a beautiful lawn all through summer. So, let’s dive in.

Mow Frequently

Wondering where to get started with how to care for a lawn? Mowing once a week is one trick that’s sure to work. Allowing your turf to grow tall will only stunt its growth and, at the same time, encourage the growth of weeds. You can choose to go the old-fashioned way with a push mower, which is great for workout. Alternatively, you can use a riding lawn mower to save time. The choice is yours. 

Remember to maintain your mower to guarantee that it gives you a good cut. A dull blade will only result in a rugged cut that might make your grass appear brown. To achieve the best results, get a professional to sharpen your blade. A chipped, bent, or damaged blade should be replaced.

Not only does mowing make your lawn look great, but it can give you a great workout if you choose a push mower.
Not only does mowing make your lawn look great, but it can give you a great workout if you choose a push mower. Image from Pixabay

Avoid Cutting Too Much

Cutting your lawn too short stresses the leaf blade, which can cause browning. However, maintaining a blade height of about 2.5-3 inches comes with several benefits. For starters, longer grass makes it difficult for newly germinated pesky weed seeds to grow. Also, a longer turf shades the soil, which in turn slows down evaporation after watering.

Water Intelligently

Seasonal lawn care means you don’t have to water your grass daily. As such, there’s no need to set up the automatic sprinkler system, unless you can come up with a schedule that enables you to conserve as required. 

Check regularly the weather forecast and water only when there’s no rain in sight. Also, water your turf at the appropriate time. Don’t water during the hottest time of the day— that’s from 12 to 6 pm. The water will simply evaporate and leave your lawn dry. Watering in the evening isn’t any better either. Your grass will be wet all through the night, and that can promote fungal diseases.

The best time to do it is between 4 to 10 am. And when you water, do it deeply two or three times every week. An inch of water is sufficient for your grass. To measure that, put a flat bottom container on the ground close to the sprinkler, then wait until it’s an inch full. If you notice pools of water around your lawn, you’ve probably overwatered it. An easy way of testing the moisture content on your lawn is sticking a screwdriver in. If it’s difficult to insert six inches into the soil, the grass will need to be watered.

Maintaining your lawn can help you make your own backyard summer paradise. Image from Pixabay

Fertilize Organically and Sparingly

Mostly, your grass won’t require extra fertilizer. But just to be sure, carry out a soil pH test to confirm if the levels are okay. If they aren’t, you can choose organic alternatives such as grass clippings or animal manure to prevent contamination of the local waterways. 

Avoid Leaf Blowing 

Does the thought of leaves on your beautiful grass irritate you? Well, you might want to let them be. Leaves make excellent fertilizers for your turf, besides being all-natural. But if you really want them out of the picture, you can invest in lawn care products such as a mulching mower. This kind of mower grinds the leaves into small pieces.

Beautiful Summer Lawn

Summer comes with its fair care of lawn-care challenges. That’s because of the decreasing precipitation and rising temperatures. However, you can still keep your grass healthy and lush using our clean-cut lawn care hacks. 

Our easy to follow lawn care tips will see to it that you have a turf that’s low-maintenance and still attractive. Besides, implementing all-natural steps in your seasonal lawn care routine will ensure you have the greenest grass on the block. Please share with us how you care for your lawn and if any of these tips have helped you. 

Author’s Bio

Kay Burton is a landscape and gardening writer and a surf instructor. He has spent most of his life on the ocean and has over 15 years of surfing experience. From beginners to novices, Kay is passionate about coaching and teaching surfers in Florida.


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