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Sunday, September 20, 2020
My most comforting memories involve family, specifically time spent with my grandparents. When I was younger, I would spend a weekend here and there at their house. My grandma would pick me up on a Friday from my parents’ house and we would go to our local Meijer. I would “help” her do the grocery shopping for the week.
Each year, July lazily rolls into August and brings about a blazing end to the summer season. No matter how you might try, this month is, without fail, the warmest out of the year. With air almost too heavy to breathe and an unrelenting sun hanging high overhead, it’s easy to shut yourself inside and hide from the heat.
Not only does July mean that summer is well underway for Floridians, but it’s also the month of celebrating independence. Typically, we recognize the importance of our autonomy on the Fourth of July with fireworks, hot dogs and picnic salads. What better way to enjoy summer?
Just like a snap of the fingers, June is here and by extension, summer. This year has already held a number of events and catastrophes, to say the least. However, things are looking up for the first time in what seems so long as we move forward with our lives. Among the chaos that seems to have made home here, there are two things we should all be focused on in the coming months: family, health and well-being. With Father’s Day in the near future, this presents the perfect excuse to celebrate with family.
The month of May holds many promises such as those spring flowers that April’s rain promised us, more sunshine, and a smooth transition into summer. May also houses two celebrated days and themes, one of which is Mother’s Day. As we know, this holiday is an entire day designated to honor those who raised us, biologically or not. It's a day intended for recognizing the supreme sacrifice mothers make for those around them, both children and other family members.
In the words of T.S. Eliot, “April is the cruelest month”. And perhaps he was right: owers and trees are shooed out of their winter slumber into the crisp spring air, the April showers seem to be never-ending, and the warmer weather is indicative of the sweltering summer to come.
March 2020 cover picture of beautiful spring fields

March 2020 Edition

Spring is coming, whether it feels like it or not. While the official start of the season is March 19, spring abides by no mere mortal’s rules. It comes and goes at a pace that surprises even the most prepared of us every month. For many Floridians, spring begins with the start of the numerous festivals that the months of March and April house. Too many to count, these festivals act as an invitation for Florida natives to welcome spring with open arms as they begin to shed their winter woes and clothes. From the Gulf to the Atlantic, festival season is just beginning.
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