Celebrating Family This Parents’ Day

Celebrating Family This Parents’ Day

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By Rebecca Fending 

As with almost every Letter from the Editor that I write, there are celebrations to be had this month. We are currently in the midst of summer and nearly the mid to late end of the season. With that comes balmy temperatures and different occasions and holidays. Of course, there is the Fourth of July, which is always a fun time and a great excuse to stay up late in celebration. However, July also includes Parents’ Day on the 23rd, a little-known and celebrated holiday.  

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Parents’ Day is a day for all parents, young and old, parents-to-be and parents that once were. Though it is not as wildly acknowledged as Mother or Father’s Day, it still warrants a reason to honor the people to who it applies.  

Growing up, I butted heads with both my mom and dad. I could not help it; the frustration with a lack of freedom (or at least, what I perceived as a lack of freedom) made me the typical angsty teen that was only interested in spending time with my friends, boyfriends or alone in my room. Looking back, I wish I had spent more time at home in the company of my parents. Once I moved into college, it made me realize just how much they meant to me.   

Mostly, I missed my parents’ contagious laughs. But I also missed my dad’s overdramatic sneezes that caused everyone to burst out laughing or the way he would always jingle the spare change he kept in his front right jean pocket to a random beat. I missed the way my mom would hum while preoccupied with something or the way she would always ask if I wanted to help with dinner so she could teach me how to cook. It worked because I have made some darn good dishes inspired by her cooking while living on my own.  

So, if you are looking for small but significant gifts to appreciate or pamper the parents in your family, here are just a few that are sure to be winners.  

Great but Simple Gifts for Parents’ Day

Framed Picture: I have suggested this before, but only because it is a fabulous idea. Find a picture that mom or dad loves on their Facebook page, or ask someone else in the family if they have any good photos to gift. Parents love this idea! 

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Family Portrait Session: It is common for a family to skip out on professional portraits, even though they are great to have for memories and décor. Look for a photographer in their area that does family portraits and pay for the session. It’s a great alternative to gifting a framed photograph. 

Self-Pamper Kit: Though this may apply more to moms, send or gift them skincare products that they’ll love for their skin type, nice body butter or lotion that they would never buy for themselves or even a gift card to their favorite lunch spot. The goal is for mom or dad to have a reason to indulge in themselves for once.  


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