Creative Corner: Highlighting Local Artists in August

Creative Corner: Highlighting Local Artists in August

Thumbnail image from Pixabay

“MAGIC….(of Love)” by Lanette Keller from Naples, FL

Like MAGIC we met… 
Our eyes connected by this MAGIC and our hearts, in response, beat faster and faster, again and again, like MAGIC! 
We laughed, shared thoughts, and as time passed, we made love, all was again, MAGIC! 
We thought this MAGIC would last a lifetime…again…MAGIC…we BOTH felt blessed…
Then, an unexpectant turn… 
MAGIC…where are you!   
We felt your MAGIC, we laughed, we loved, and WE became ONE.   
MAGIC, why did you leave us??? 
One day… 
Submit your work to Creative Corner to be featured in print, on our website or both!
Submit your work to Creative Corner to be featured in print, on our website or both! From Pixabay

“Remember” by Sandi Jean Gajewski from Clearwater, FL 

Remember your magnificence 
no matter who does not 
Forgive them of their ignorance, 
the part of them that they weren’t taught! 

Remember your incredulity  
for it is who you are 
Not everyone is capable 
of recognizing a shining star! 

Remember your marvelousness 
it’s yours, your gift from birth 
Forgive others their oversight 
if they don’t realize your great worth! 


“A Ship Without a Sail” by Alan Fisher from Sarasota, FL

Lost in human nature 
Blaming others for all things wrong 
Conflict, pain and suffering 
Feeling you don't belong 

There's no answer at that level 
I know for I've been there 
You feel you're all alone 
And that others just don't care
But there is a simple answer 
Not complex as some would say 
Surrender to the present 
And live life day by day 

All problems are from thinking 
About the future and the past 
Right now life is flowing 
Climb aboard and raise the mast 
“Right now life is flowing 
Climb aboard and raise the mast” From Pixabay

“The Waterfront” by Alan Fisher of Sarasota, FL

Content in serenity and peace 
The clouds and the water blend 
All is calm and the only sound 
Is the birds calling to their friend 

The trees stand guard as the people walk by 
Not noticing the stillness that's there 
Nor the space above that's showering love 
Heaven and earth are really one pair
And so within, breath and heartbeat 
Give evidence that you are alive 
Don't take it for granted, don't waste it away 
Life is more than how to survive 

“Universal Marriage” by Alan Fisher of Sarasota, FL

In sickness or in health, for better or worse 
We're all experiencing this terrible curse 
How we handle it and if we survive 
Let us be thankful for being alive 

The world has been united by this rampant flu 
Now it's a question of what do we do 
We can't go back to the way we were 
But loving each other is part of the cure 

Married to one another, together or apart 
Being strong alone, yet opening our heart 
Letting go of chatter, surrendering to life 
True Man or Woman, whether a husband or wife 

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