Creative Corner: Highlighting Local Artists in June

Creative Corner: Highlighting Local Artists in June

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Are you an aspiring writer, poet or artist? Or maybe you want to try your hand at any of the above? We want to share your art! Read directions on how to submit your creative work below:

For submissions: Send your short story or poem (150 words or less) or a photo of your artwork to with the words “Creative Corner” in the subject line. Please include which Florida city you currently live in to ensure that your work will be published in your local edition. Artwork must be before the 15th of every month, otherwise it will be held as potential news for the following issue’s publication. Include your name, phone number and address. Work is published on a basis of what space is available. 

Creative Corner Submissions for June

Stand Tall, Oh Tree by Steve Tremblay of North Port, FL 

Stand tall, oh tree, 
as you face the challenge of the day, 
the winds of fortune, 
directing your branches as they sway. 
Stand tall, oh tree, 
the breezes through your branches play, 
a symphony of sound, 
your fluttering leaves pointing the way. 
Stand tall, oh tree, 
and with your stature silently say, 
“Let the world bow to greet the sun”, 
in the glory of a brand new day. 

How We Changed by Ben Feldman of LaBelle, FL

Life today has become 
a pill. 
Either an 
or politicoid. 
What got in the way 
Of life 
As normaloid? 
From Pixabay

You Are Divine by Alan Fisher 

Most people believe in an external God 
Some don't believe at all 
Until one experiences the God inside 
One's search for enlightenment will stall 
If one loses one's man-made identity 
You'll still be the real you you are 
Don't be afraid of your own Divinity  
You are life, the same as a star 
Life is in fact what breathes you 
It animates your body and mind 
You're an expression of life in each moment 
Life is loving, peaceful and kind 

Be True To You by Alan Fisher

You'll never correct what's wrong by your mind 
What you lost in the past, you won't find 
The problems of the world cannot be fixed 
Nor drowned in the drinks that you mixed 
It's time to face reality 
Human nature has an incurable malady 
But nature itself is doing fine 
Life has a purpose and majestic design 
So get in touch with the life force within 
That's the only way you'll ever win 
Forget what others may do or not do 
All you need to do is Be you 


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