Creative Corner: Local Artists For July 2021

Creative Corner: Local Artists For July 2021

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Are you an aspiring writer, poet or artist? Or maybe you want to try your hand at any of the above? We want to share your art! Read directions on how to submit your creative work below:

For submissions: Send your short story or poem (150 words or less) or a photo of your artwork to with the words “Creative Corner” in the subject line. Please include which Florida city you currently live in to ensure that your work will be published in your local edition. Artwork must be before the 15th of every month, otherwise it will be held as potential news for the following issue’s publication. Include your name, phone number and address. Work is published on a basis of what space is available. 

Creative Corner Submissions for July

A Woman Told Her Doctor by Ben Feldman

The woman told her doctor 
Anxiety rattles her thoughts, 
Loosens her bones, 
Makes her sleep afire. 
The doctor asked what she does, 
before she sleeps. 
“I watch television news.” 
From Pixabay

Tomorrow Is Another Day by Ben Feldman 

Tomorrow Is Another Day, 
Rioters riot, 
Politicians politic, 
Federal Government taxes, 
Borders decay, 
But tomorrow is another day. 
For UFOs to fly overhead. 

The “Little Tyke” by Ann Marie Stenhouse of Englewood, FL 

I’m just a little tyke.  That’s what my gram calls me.  My mom says Gram spoils me too much.  On sunny Sundays, Gram takes me for a ride on a big blue bus.  She says to bring a pillow to sit on so I can see better out the windows.  My favorite place to go is the city park.  I can see my friend the “angel” when we ride by.  Sometimes we get off the bus and walk over to where my angel is sitting.  His wings are folded up on his back and he looks like he’s praying.  I guess that’s what angels do.  I sit next to him and pray.  My gram says this makes her very happy and that makes me happy, too.  

From Pixabay


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