Creative Corner: Highlighting Local Artists in October

Creative Corner: Highlighting Local Artists in October

Thumbnail image from Pixabay

“Wanting Nothing” by Alan Fisher 
Hurry here, rush to get there 
Always anxious to go somewhere 
Never content to just be still 
Until finally when they read your will 
Can we relax and take what comes 
If we don't resist we find life hums 
It's thinking about all we desire 
That causes suffering if it doesn't transpire 
So while we're yet in this form 
Can we stay present and transform 
Letting go of what we've been before 
To feel the life force that is our core 

Open” by Alan Fisher 

There are borders between nations 
Walls around people's hearts 
We try to protect ourselves 
That's where the problem starts 
When we close our hearts what happens 
Love can't come in 
We cut ourselves off from Source 
The life that's within 
So open yourself to Spirit 
Let the healing power come in 
When we're connected upward 
Then everyone will win 
Alan Fisher talks about relationships
“Kimball and Main” by John Alexander
I want to be here when it starts to rain, 
When the leaves drift down 
Without trouble or pain 
Sitting with you  
At Kimball and Main. 
The sky is grey as a fisherman’s beard, 
The leaves red and orange with the sunset’s stain, 
The grass tan and brown, 
Park bench fresh green. 
Sitting with you 
At Kimball and Main. 
How far have we walked again today? 
How far to go 
Down the shadowed lane? 
Time stops. 
Age stands still. 
Sitting with you 
At Kimball and Main. 
I love you so . . . it’s hard to say. 
I want to come here again and again. 
The breeze grows cold. 
Snow’s coming soon. 
Sitting with you 
At Kimball and Main. 
Kimball and Main, a place for creatives
Kimball and Main, a place for creatives. Images submitted by writer
“Last Year’s Lover” by John Alexander
Espresso cups. 
Empty chair. 
Last year’s lover 
Isn’t there. 
Raining night. 
Couldn’t stay. 
Siren crying. 
Far away. 
Street rain-shiny, 
Long and bare. 
Night not ending. 
Still not there. 
Neon blinking 
“Sports Café”. 
Last year’s lover 
Far away. 
“Love Poem IV” by John Alexander
Without a pledge or a promise sought, 
Without asking or making demand, 
Without virtue sold or security bought 
I asked for only your hand. 
A hand asked once and only from you. 
You alone.  You alone. Just thee. 
I open the gates and let down the bridge 
For you to be you with me. 
I don’t give you me. I don’t ask for you. 
I want only today and that’s all. 
I’m free to stand naked before you now: 
My body, my spirit, my soul  
For you to share, not take away. 
You may only borrow the key 
To the door of my heart and my inner self 
To stand equally next to me. 
“Tell the Roses Not to Bloom” by John Alexander
Tell the roses not to bloom. 
Hold the time in place. 
Tell a newborn child he mustn’t grow. 
Wipe the smile from Cupid’s face. 
Tell the lightening it mustn’t strike. 
The eagle he cannot sore. 
After you’ve quieted the thunder down 
And want to reach for more 
Tell me not to love you so. 
Tell me to stop thinking of you. 
Tell me to find someone else 
I could love as much as you. 
Chances are better of stopping the rose 
And holding back the tide 
Than getting me to hide from you  
And bury deep inside 
The love I have to freely give  
And, hopefully, freely get. 
You can’t stop a rose or 
Hold back the sea 
Or make me forget 
What I have found in finding you 
And making you some room 
In my heart of hearts 
Where love still grows 
As always the roses bloom. 
“Untitled” by Barbara Roberts
Thoughts of you. Every minute of every hour. Dances in my head, like a field of flowers. 
If not for the bad, we would not of known the good. If not for the sorrow, love would not be as it should. 
Hurry home my love, for a kiss awaits you. Make it soon, for a child will be born too. 
Your letters are few and far between. I miss one or two so it seems. 
I gaze and count the stars above. As to the day I will see my love. 
Three men came today, with the news. Seems A bomb was the fate of a few. 
Thoughts of you, every minute of every hour. Till we dance once more in that field of flowers. 
From Pixabay
Menagerie of Music” by Sandra Gajewski
As the dawn breaks through 
and the others still sleep 
I tiptoe outside to witness 
the wonders of nature . . . 
in full swing. 
So many sounds, so many songs, 
they all come together 
to create a beautiful 
Menagerie of Music. 
And for a window of time  
I sit, I watch, I listen, 
as nature glistens in harmony of which 
I so delight! 
Peeps and pecks, coos and caws, 
I even hear the distant dogs 
as they blend in  
with it all. 
At no other time have I experienced 
the sublime 
like this break of the morn 
as once again 
a Menagerie of Music is born. 
Assorted photography and acrylic works from Larry Greene:

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