Creative Corner: Highlighting Local Artists in September

Creative Corner: Highlighting Local Artists in September

Thumbnail image from Pixabay

“Purification” by Alan Fisher

It's a matter of purification
Of the heart and the mind
Of developing your own integrity
So that you're gentle and kind
Of letting insults and criticism
Pass right on through
While you remain transparent
To thine own Self be true
Light enough to float above
The problems of the day
And to radiate love
Whatever comes your way 
From Pixabay

“I” by Alan Fisher

Can you feel the vibration? It's the rhythm of life
For most it goes unnoticed 'till they're under the knife
But while the heart is beating and you are yet alive
Become conscious of that Source from which all of life derives
The flowers you admire, the sunshine of your day
The touch of your sweetheart, the silence when you pray
The breath you take for granted, the clouds up in the sky
The essence of your being, the person you call "I".
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“God” by Alan Fisher

Whenever you doubt that God exists
Look in the mirror and touch your face
When you try to hold your breath for long
The lungs will soon replace
We're awesomely made to work just fine
We are aspects of the Divine
It's as close as hands and feet
This one heart, one mind
We are love, we are perfect
We are the life within
This is the Garden here on earth
Let go, let God, give in
Alan Fisher and friend Carl Stedmond discuss their experience of “awakening” in life.

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