Creative Corner: Highlighting Local Artists

Creative Corner: Highlighting Local Artists
Image from Pixabay

Thumbnail image from Pixabay

Treading Water by Cindy Kathleen Stewart-Sampson of Tampa, FL

I tread water 
Dreading each day without my daughter 
Lois ascended to Heaven quickly one morn 
Leaving me completely forlorn 
One day, I’ll join her in glory, 
Delighting in hearing her heavenly story. 
I long to see her beautiful face,  
When we will at last, again embrace. 
I’m often given unsolicited advice, 
Causing me to feel as cold as ice. 
People demand that I must be brave, 
And valiantly ride grief’s harsh, crushing wave. 
Why do others insist on bringing me down? 
Have they failed to notice that I’ve yet to drown? 

Written in memory of Lois Kathleen Sampson, 05/04/01-01/24/14 

Cindy with her daughter, Lois. Submitted by writer.

Submitting to Creative Corner

Are you an aspiring writer, poet or artist? Or maybe you want to try your hand at any of the above? We want to share your art! Read directions on how to submit your work for Creative Corner below: 

For submissions: Send your short story or poem (150 words or less) or a photo of your artwork to with the words “Creative Corner” in the subject line, or through our Facebook at Please include which Florida city you currently live in. Artwork must be before the 15th of every month, otherwise it will be held as potential news for the following issue’s publication. Include your name, phone number and address. News is published on a basis of what space is available. 


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