Creative Corner: Highlighting Local Artists in July

Creative Corner: Highlighting Local Artists in July
Image from Pixabay

“July 1st and 4th” by Alan Fisher

Canada's birthday and America's too 
Will there be protests or celebration by a few
Both countries' history has some good and some bad
But ignoring the good is so very sad

People have come from every corner on earth
For education, a job, to increase their worth
Would it have been better in some other place?
Are there any people freer in the whole human race?

Canadian and American, the anthems of each
Whether you agree or not, have something to teach
About pride and humility and being together
And singing our hearts out in all kinds of weather

So, can we find anything to be thankful for
In the midst of a virus at everyone's door
We're still alive and we're here to carry on
Today's a new day and both pasts are gone 
Creative Corner artist Alan Fisher writes of the freedom of each new day in light of the turmoil within our country. Image from Pixabay

Dedicated to my husband, Hector:” by Anna Soto

God created us in the fullness of His Love 
He released us into the world 
That we may share this Love with all of His creation 
Fully understanding and enjoying one another 
Seeking what unites and not what divides us 
And in the fullness of His time 
He will call us home 
To realize the true essence of His Eternal Love. 

“Written in memory of my husband, Hector:” by Anna Soto

He loved without asking to be loved 
He gave without wanting for anything 
He laughed that all may laugh with him 
He showed the positives where negatives would be 
He lived his life that we may remember him 
In an unspoken word, a smile, a touch 
As a spouse, a father, a brother, a friend. 

“Mask-A-Raid” by Jude Bagatti

I am a masked stalker slinking down 
              wrong way aisles 
scoping out foodie booty 
              with no show of smiles 
to give or receive. 
(Who is that unmasked man!?) 
"Hey mister, keep your distance, 
           don't crowd this sister, or 
I'll snatch all your TPs and leave." 
Creative Corner artist Jude Bagatti describes the strangeness of masks during the pandemic. Image from Pixabay

“Ode to William (Willy) Shakespeare” by Cindy Kathleen Stewart-Sampson

We all know that Shakespeare guy called “Willy,” 
The words he wrote were certainly frilly, 
Some things he described could make one feel chilly, 
Guess you could say that Willy could give you a willy! 

But, actually, Willy was a real smart dude, 
Who knew his way around a family feud, 
He understood the risk of love, 
Look at Juliet, 
The poor little dove. 

He determined that the world is a stage, 
And that we, its players, are full of rage, 
Willy realized even way back then, 
That one touch of nature makes the whole world kin. 
So, if any of you Willy fans are offended by this spoof, 
Rest assured that he is no goof, 
He is a rarity, admired throughout the land, 
And that makes William “Willy” Shakespeare---THE MAN!

Cindy Kathleen Stewart-Sampson also has published work with Tampa Christian Voice in which she discusses the triumphs and struggles of losing a child. Part one of her article can be found here, and part two can be found here.

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