Creative Corner: Highlighting Local Artists in December

Creative Corner: Highlighting Local Artists in December
Image from Pixabay

Are you an aspiring writer, poet or artist? Or maybe you want to try your hand at any of the above? We want to share your art! Read directions on how to submit your creative work below:

For submissions: Send your short story or poem (150 words or less) or a photo of your artwork to with the words “Creative Corner” in the subject line. Please include which Florida city you currently live in to ensure that your work will be published in your local edition. Artwork must be before the 15th of every month, otherwise it will be held as potential news for the following issue’s publication. Include your name, phone number and address. Work is published on a basis of what space is available. 

Creative Corner Submissions for December:

“The Way, Truth and Life” by Alan Fisher 

The whole world's on lockdown 
The numbers are rising 
Everyone behind masks 
All afraid of dying 

But that's no way of living 
Keeping our distance 
No hugging or touching 
By government insistence 

Which will come first 
An unproven vaccination 
Or mental illness 
And the end of civilization
But there is a way out 
From this terrible situation 
Awaken to Life's beauty 
With complete appreciation 

Letting go of time 
Is the way to salvation 
It's always NOW 
For all of creation 

“Consciousness” by Alan Fisher

Is there any place that's safe and warm 
Where you're immune from external storm 
Where life is sweet and filled with love 
It's pure consciousness I'm speaking of  
As long as you're preoccupied 
With thoughts in your head as your guide 
You'll suffer through your nights and days 
And life will be one big maze 
So relax and don't resist what comes 
Stay in the present and life just hums 
Don't think ahead or regret the past 
Trust in Spirit for things that last 
Get creative with your hands! Through words, painting, drawing or even sculpture.
Get creative with your hands! Through words, painting, drawing or even sculpture. Image from Pixabay

“Special” by Alan Fisher

We all long to be special  
So we struggle so hard to achieve 
Yet our fingerprint is already unique 
So who are we trying to deceive 
If we're made in His image and likeness 
Is that not enough for you 
We can relax and be ourselves 
That's not so hard to do 
Life has a natural rhythm 
A purpose all its own 
Our job is to align with that 
When we do, we find we're home 

“Trust Life” by Alan Fisher 

Black lives matter, white ones too 
All lives matter, not just a few 
Every living thing is part of creation 
It's one whole, not some separation 
Our bodies have white cells and red 
But the body can't work without the head 
Give thanks that we're so awesomely made 
Each one is part of the grand parade 
In this time when we're so divided 
Let's remember that we're Divinely guided 
The answer's not in a vaccine or pill 
Look within and just be still

“Christmas” by Alan Fisher

Santa and reindeer and sugar plum fairies
White snow and mistletoe and holly with berries 
Scrooge and the Drummer Boy from holidays past
The Christmas season just goes far too fast

But what gives it its meaning and makes it so special
Is the birthday we celebrate and the spirit celestial
At this time of year hearts open and feel
The love and joy of sharing what's real

Instead of just getting we think about giving
We talk to our neighbors and carols we're singing
We may go to church or just be alone
We give thanks for our family and the spirit of home


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