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Creative Corner: Local Artists for September 2021

Creative Corner: Local Artists for September 2021

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Are you an aspiring writer, poet or artist? Or maybe you want to try your hand at any of the above? We want to share your art! Read directions on how to submit your creative work below:

For submissions: Send your short story or poem (150 words or less) or a photo of your artwork to Rebecca.Fending@lifestylesafter50.com with the words “Creative Corner” in the subject line. Please include which Florida city you currently live in to ensure that your work will be published in your local edition. Artwork must be before the 15th of every month, otherwise it will be held as potential news for the following issue’s publication. Include your name, phone number and address. Work is published on a basis of what space is available. 

Creative Corner Submissions for September

Untitled by Linda Tait 

He doesn’t know why he is alone 
Last night this was a home 
But now he is all alone 
Because, they are gone 
It was nice to be loved 
Petted and hugged 
Now it's all over 
Just because 
Life is cruel  
Life is wrong 
And as a rule 
It is no song 
Why did they leave me 
Here all alone 
When all I wanted 
Was a home 
Image from Pixabay

“Little Tyke, Billy, Pet Detective” by Ann Marie of Englewood

Little Tyke, Billy, was coming home from school.  He noticed a dog lying under a van in a store parking lot.  It was a hot day and the dog looked scruffy from oil spots on his back, and he was panting from the heat.  Billy got him some water and the dog drank it right up. A local neighbor said he had been there all day and no one knew who it belonged to. She called the police at noontime. An officer came out and approached the dog but he started running away.  He told us they had been looking for this dog for three days, but had not been successful in catching him. At suppertime, the little tyke went back outside and noticed the dog was back, lying under the van again. This time he called Animal Control.  They said he would have to wait until tomorrow until they could assign an officer to come and get the dog.  Little Tyke had finished supper and thought maybe the dog was hungry, too. He scooped up the rest of his hamburger and put it on a paper plate. Very cautiously, he approached the dog who was whimpering and growling, but could not be coached out from under the van. Little Tyke had an idea (just like a Pet Detective would think of), he started throwing small pieces of hamburger toward him, each time just a little bit closer to where he was sitting on the lawn. He started singing “How Much Was That Doggie in the Window.” Slowly the small dog started coming out. When he got close enough, he grabbed the leash and very gently began to walk the dog around the parking lot and into his house. He called the police again, telling them he saw an identification tag on his collar. When the officer came out, he said, “In, boy,” and the dog jumped right in the back seat of his cruiser.  The officer told him “Thank you son, I could have never gotten him in without you. I don’t usually carry a hamburger with me.” The owner picked up the dog the next day and both of them were very happy to be rejoined.  Little Tyke, Billy, a great Pet Detective, was the happiest of them all. 

Image from Pixabay

BEWARE. . . BEAR SCARE by Sandi Gajewski of Clearwater

Don’t go outside 
Don’t you leave your home 
Don’t even take out the trash 
Cuz you may not be alone! 

He’s lurking somewhere out there 
And maybe he’s a she, this bear 
Either way, it has been sighted 
And more than once, I’m not delighted!
And if you see it, don’t you dare run 
Don’t you play dead, don’t climb a tree 
Or you just might end up his lunch 
And that would not be good, you see. 

So stay inside where you are safe 
For with a bear you cannot race. 
If you see it stop!  And don’t dare stare 
But slowly get your butt on outta there! 

Beware da bear! 



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