By Priscilla Richardson

Do you ever feel like a stiff and rusting Tin Man? Forget the oil can.
Instead, incorporate some stretching into your daily routine. It will
improve your physical fitness, energy level, mood and general well-being in many ways. Stretching also promotes more fluid and natural movements,
better balance and coordination, too.

One of the most important benefits is greater range of motion. When 
you stretch you work muscles and tendons, rather than ligaments which are not designed to be stretched. If you overstretch a ligament, you may lose the stability and support needed to avoid tissue injuries and muscle strains.




Those of us who sit in front of a computer all day can end up with the posture of a cave dweller so take time out to stand up, move around and stretch out those tight chest, neck and shoulder and hip muscles. Great posture helps us feel better and look more attractive and confident too.

When we stretch before and after a workout, we
improve blood flow to muscles, thus reducing soreness
and improving recovery time.

Remember to take 10 to 15 minutes a day for this
important wellness activity and you’ll look and feel
better in no time.



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