Dunedin International Film Festival

Dunedin International Film Festival

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By Jan Larraine Cox

The Dunedin International Film Festival (DIFF) embarked on their second successful event with a tantalizing array of 170 diverse entries from 89 countries around the world.  The exciting seven-day festival ran from January 8 through January 14 at inviting venues around downtown Dunedin. 

Image from the festival's Facebook page.
Image from the festival’s Facebook page.

Six official festival judges announced the following winners: Best Film—Rustic Oracle; Best Short—Ashes to Ashes; Best Documentary—Madame; Best Cinematography—Patagonia Park, a Journey into the Wild; Best Screenplay—Rwanda; Best Animation—Serendipity. 

Image from Pixabay.

About the Film Festival

Unique aspects to the festival this year included: a live activation of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party; Tiny Trees Exhibit: A Bonsai Gallery; workshops such as How to Make a Movie on your iPhone by filmmaker Victoria Jorgensen; a writer’s class with screenwriter Brian Edgar, and a master class with Hollywood Producer Carol Gordon. 

The dramatic Red Carpet at the Fenway Hotel on Tuesday, January 14 showcased the entrants, followed by the Awards Gala ceremony inside the hotel, where a dozen performers including the Pro Arts cast from Frozen graced the event.  


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