Earth Day Network Launches A 3-Year Campaign

On April 22nd, Earth Day Network (EDN), global coordinator for Earth Day, is
launching its Earth Day 2017 three-year campaign for Environmental & Climate
Literacy. The campaign is focused on promoting mandatory environmental and climate literacy along with civic engagement and sustainable economic development.

Earth Day 2017 will see teach-ins around the world and a March for Science
rally on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. that will bring together scientists and
supporters to engage in environmental activism.

As we face the realities of climate change – unpredictable temperatures,
endangered species, and an increasing number of severe weather events – ensuring that
our children are prepared to become environmentally literate citizens is more essential
than ever”, said Dan Abrams, Director of Earth Day.

Earth Day Network is publishing Earth Day and Teach-In toolkits online that lay
out steps for holding successful community events. To learn more about Earth Day
Network and March for Science go to

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