The Month of Red: Letter from the Editor

The Month of Red: Letter from the Editor

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Red is a powerful color. It was the first color to be named after white and black and has been used ever since in pieces of art and decorations to demonstrate strong emotions like passion, love and anger. At one point the color was historically known for the revolution. This image is so strong that it symbolizes all sorts of ideas. It can physically be light and dark, it can be good and bad, it can command attention, and yet be subtle. It’s easy to get swayed in any idea that this color brings, but it’s hard to ignore all the ideas that the color red symbolizes. 

About Red

With representation most often related to emotions, such as passion and love, the color red is often associated with the month of February. According to a study to find out the rankings for the most celebrated holidays in the United States depending on the number of holiday cards sold, Valentine’s Day comes in second place selling around 151 million cards (not including cards given in classrooms). Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 and is commonly known as a day to celebrate someone’s love for their significant other by gifting them with red roses, cards, and chocolates. 

For myself, I’ve never been a typical gift giver. I’ve always felt that handmade gifts or quality time together are more precious than any gift that can be bought. For those who might feel the same way, during the month of February, the Florida Strawberry Festival rolls into town, offering a great opportunity to spend quality time together. This eleven-day festival is full of many activities besides buying fresh strawberries. The event is full of top talented entertainment from many of my personal favorite artists such as The Oak Ridge Boys, Rascal Flatts, Reba McEntire, Patti LaBelle, Eli Young and many other amazing vocal superstars. 

This festival is open to all ages and includes food-eating contests, magic shows, battle of the bands, pig racing, cooking shows and more than I can mention! The Strawberry Festival is an annual tradition in Florida that can turn a mild February day into a fun and unique one full of memories. For more information check out  

For those who may not celebrate Valentine’s Day, don’t worry. There are many unique ways you can celebrate during the 28 days (or 29 days during a leap year) in the month of February. For those who don’t have a significant other to take to the Strawberry Festival, don’t worry! February 15th is known as National Single Awareness Day. This holiday was created for those who are single to treat yourself to something nice. Whether it’s going to a balmy, outdoor festival, joining friends for a walk in a park or cooking yourself a nice dinner, check out the informative calendars inside for local events around town and advertisements boasting fun places, good food, or even new ideas.  

Fun can be found at home curled up with a good book suggested by Kathy Megyeri or watching Randal C. Hills’ suggested movie of the month.  Point being, enjoy whatever adventures—no matter how big or small—this month has for you. 

Have fun and enjoy the month of Red.   


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