9 Fun Beer Holidays for a Happy Granddad

A Father’s Day Tribute

By Michele D. Baker 

Summer is here – the weather is hot and so is the grill. Now is the perfect time for picnics and backyard barbecues, swimming and sunbathing. We celebrate dads and granddads everywhere, our nation’s upcoming 248th birthday, and eating well. 

There is just something special about summer. The grandkids are out of school, all the fruits and vegetables are ripe on the vine, and there are many amazing holidays to enjoy. Because of the heat, summer is also a good time to slow down, sit in the shade, and read a book. Rest your soul, spend time chatting with loved ones and friends, and then bring the whole neighborhood together for a meal in the open air. 

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For beer lovers, the summer months are rich with opportunity. Check out beer-themed holidays such as June 14 (National Bourbon Day, but beer lovers can enjoy barrel-aged beers today), June 15 (British Beer Day), June 16 (Father’s Day), June 17 (National Stewart’s Root Beer Day), June 25-27 (Organic Beer Fest), July 3 (National Independent Beer Run Day), July 4 (Independence Day, a day to savor American beer!), July 12 (Michelada Day), and July 18 (St. Arnoldus Day, patron saint of Belgian brewers and hops pickers). 

In this issue, you’ll find recipes that make good use of the abundant fruits and vegetables available from your garden or the local farmer’s market. You’ll also find a terrific (and easy) quinoa recipe, the perfect base for all those leftover grilled meats and veggies. 

I wish you fair skies, hot coals, and long, happy summer days at the beach,