8 florida state parks for hiking

October is Florida Greenways and Trails Month, so we put together this list of Florida State Parks that are home to scenic and unique trail systems. Check out any of these parks for a memorable time exploring Florida’s landscapes.


  1. ALLEN DAVID BROUSSARD CATFISH CREEK PRESERVE STATE PARK – Located along the beautiful Lake Wales Ridge, Catfish Creek Preserve covers more than 8,000 acres of scrub, sandhill and flatwoods land, in addition to 65 acres of submerged land..
  2. BASELINE ROAD TRAILHEAD – Two trails provide visitors the opportunity to experience a paved urban trail or escape to a secluded multi-use trail.

    The Greenway’s SE 64th Avenue Trailhead provides parking and access to the paved and unpaved trails where they connect, offering an easy opportunity to experience two very different types of trails.

  3. COCKROACH BAY PRESERVE STATE PARK – Cockroach Bay Preserve State Park is a series of islands in the south eastern region of Tampa Bay. The islands are located in the mouth of the Little Manatee River and extend southward along the shore of Tampa Bay.
  4. EGMONT KEY STATE PARK – Although this park is primarily a wildlife refuge, it can be a personal refuge – a place to relax and collect shells along secluded, pristine beaches
  5. COLLIER-SEMINOLE STATE PARK – The 7,271-acre Collier-Seminole State Park lies partly within the great mangrove swamp of southern Florida, one of the largest mangrove swamps in the world. A wide variety of wildlife, including several imperiled species, inhabits this unusual blend of temperate and tropical native plant communities.
  6. CAYO COSTA STATE PARK – This isolated barrier island has a remarkable trail system that threads through untouched coastal hammocks and pristine beaches. Accessible by a regular ferry or private boat, Cayo Costa provides an island hiking experience like no other.
  7. SAVANNAS PRESERVE STATE PARK  – Freshwater marshes or “savannas” once extended all along Florida’s southeast coast. This preserve state park is the largest and most intact remnant of Florida’s east coast savannas. Almost 10 miles of multi-use trails offer a tour of scrub and marsh landscapes alive with birds and colorful wildflowers.
  8. TERRA CEIA PRESERVE STATE PARK – This park’s 2,000 acres encompass mangrove forests, freshwater and saltwater wetlands and uplands communities. Currently, kayaking, fishing and hiking is the primary activity within the preserve.

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