February’s Astro-Cast

February's Astro-Cast

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We begin our astrological February with, wait for it, Mercury in Retrograde. Not again!

It’s not our favorite aspect and one that creates miscommunications and confusion, but after a devastatingly intense 2020 and eventful January 2021, a little slow down and reflection might be just what the doctor ordered. 

The best choices during a Mercury retrograde are the “re-” words; reflect, renew, retrospection and since we’re in Aquarius season, revolutionary. 

Other important transits for the month:

  • Venus, the planet of love, beauty and jingle (cash) moves into Aquarius on February 1 and joins Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn.
  • New Moon Aquarius February 11 – Set your humanitarian wishes and intentions to the universe. Think the old Coke commercial, “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.” Not just an old slogan anymore.
  • Saturn squares Uranus on February 17 – Be careful.
  • Sun enters Pisces on February 18
  • Mercury finally goes direct on February 20
  • Venus in dreamy Pisces February 25
  • Full Moon in meticulous Virgo on February 27 

February is a time to let your visionary self shine. Aquarius, the planet of humanitarian ideals and friendship, will host no less than seven planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and asteroid Pallas) in February 2021. This intense jolt of energy will direct our attention to helping your fellow woman and man, technological advances and innovations. We will also feel a shot in the tush from Cupid, as love will be in full bloom.

As always, read your sun sign along with your rising sign and moon to get the most accurate report for the month. You can always contact me and I’ll be happy to help you with your personalized blueprint.

Astrology is all about the planets! From Pixabay
Astrology is all about the planets! From Pixabay

Astrological Outlook for Aries

You’ve been working hard, Aries, and it shows. You have a lot of pleasant surprises in store, but these are not unearned. You have put in the elbow grease and it’s harvest time. Be sure to keep your nose to the grindstone. If at all possible, do travel at the end of February. It could bring you good fortune. Just be cautious.


Wallow in your friends, relationships and family this month. Venus, your ruling planet, will open a new door in your area of friendship from now through the next six months. A Virgo or Capricorn could offer you some balance. 


Be daring, dear Gemini. Venus, the planet of love and the cha-ching, will reward your bravery. At work, be on time and show up. Half the battle is just being there, right? You may be gifted with some travel. I know, COVID, but things may be loosening up during this hopeful time. Just wear two masks and be careful. February will see career advancement and finally, some progress. 


Jupiter, the planet of luck, good fortune and expansion, is in your corner. It wants to help you fulfill your greatest desires in your private life. You will also receive good news regarding financial success and earnings, which will help you to travel. Just be careful, of course. The end of February will give you special romantic news. Lucky you!


Uranus gives you assistance in your social life and perhaps even your love life this month, which is something Leo adores. That is, when they aren’t having one of their epic “cat naps.” You are also due for some positive health news. Be careful with money this month, oh spendy one.  

Astrological constellation of Leo. From Pixabay
Astrological constellation of Leo. From Pixabay


This is the time of year when the Sun opposes your sign, which makes for a sluggish Virgo. Try to be less of a perfectionist this month and embrace the concept that, “there is no perfect.” Financial success is in your corner, which is always good news, and springs from your creativity and willingness to try new things. Come on, Virgo, you can do it.


This is a busy-bee, work-filled month for Librans. From projects, assignments, you have your hands and scales full. You may need to travel short distances, which could turn out to be for business and very rewarding, indeed.


Your romantic prospects look promising this month, dear Scorpio. It’s just the way you like it! Think Bridgerton with a twist of Fifty Shades-kind of month. Ooh la la! Once the Sun enters Pisces, you may receive some money news. In terms of career and your health, you may have some challenges that might be resolved by simply getting some rest.


It’s Mercury retrograde, Sag! Don’t sign a contract this month or start any new professional partnerships. Focus your time and energy on the ones you love. 


You’ll get a little help from your family in a financial matter this month. You may encounter some issues with love, but now is the time to face up to the problems. Letting go might be painful, but better in the long run. You can expect more money to flow in June. For now, be prudent in all financial dealings. June will be here before you know it. 


Hello, Flavor of the Year! How does it feel to have a year with your name on it? 

In February, you might need to use a little more discretion. Don’t jump into every political convo, for example. Have fun and just enjoy people for who they are and do avoid gossip. This month, the planets have a negative influence on communication (darn Mercury) when it comes to Aquarius. You don’t want to lose a friend or loved one. 

Astrological constellation of Aquarius. From Pixabay
Astrological constellation of Aquarius. From Pixabay


You have some happy changes in your home. You could redecorate and spend more money than expected, so be cautious. Solid earning can be expected this month, so don’t worry too much. Later in the month, your financial picture will be brighter. 

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