Festival Season Has Sprung

Festival Season Has Sprung

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By Rebecca Fending

Spring is coming, whether it feels like it or not. While the official start of the season is March 19, spring abides by no mere mortal’s rules. It comes and goes at a pace that surprises even the most prepared of us every month.

For many Floridians, spring begins with the start of the numerous festivals that the months of March and April house. Too many to count, these events act as an invitation for Florida natives to welcome the season with open arms as they begin to shed their winter woes and clothes. From the Gulf to the Atlantic, this season is just beginning.

Bike Week

One of these major events is one simply called “Bike Week”. Centered around Daytona Beach, this weeklong festival begins March 6 and ends March 15 and presents the opportunity to get out into the fresh air. This year will be Bike Week’s 79th year running, and they’re not holding back with the number of festivities.

This huge event attracts fellow riders on an international scale, creating a culturally rich atmosphere of different languages and stories. Thousands of bikers are expected to be in attendance, making for a bustling and electrifying weeklong party. Featured events include the vintage and custom bikes show, concerts and several barbecues. From swap meets to bike shows to bar and saloon meet ups, Bike Week 2020 holds the promise of excitement and making new friends. Visit their website, www.officialbikeweek.com/ , to learn more.

Image from the official Bike Week website for Bike Week 2021.

Shark Tooth Festival in Venice

If you’re looking for something to do with visiting family or even just something that differs from the mundane, Shark Tooth Festival in Venice is a great way to greet the warm weather. Named “The Shark Tooth Capital of the World”, this event allows you to get up close with the classic oceanic predator’s chompers. Paired with great food, music and vendors, this celebration ensures a great way to celebrate spring on the beach. Start planning now, because although this short three-day festival doesn’t start until April 3, they’re expecting a big turnout for the weekend. Learn more at their website: www.specialolympicsflorida-sarasot.godaddysites.com/.

Florida Strawberry Festival

I wouldn’t be able to talk about Florida springtime festivities unless the Florida Strawberry Festival was included, and rightfully so. This grand occasion pulls an average of 500,000 folks annually from all over the state in a celebration of the season, strawberries and community. The 11-day event has many events for its visitors to attend, ranging from entertainment such as Rascal Flatts or 98 Degrees, to carnival rides and food. But this famous festival doesn’t stop there—you can enter various contests such as the art show, livestock competitions, or even the Strawberry Shortcake Eating Contest. Learn more about the festival at www.flstrawberryfestival.com/.

Nothing says "spring" like the Florida Strawberry Festival!
Nothing says “spring” like the Florida Strawberry Festival! Image from Pixabay.

Spring has sprung and so have our festivals. Whether you’re looking for something to do on the open road or with your family, Florida’s seasonal events never disappoint. There’s something for everyone no matter where you look. More details for all these festivals can be found at their respective websites, including tentative schedules, scheduled talent and directions.

Have a great start to your spring and we’ll see you in April!


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