Florida Gardening Guide: Tips and tasks for tending your garden in April

Last month’s issue featured a calendar devoted to gardening in the Sunshine State, complete with Florida-specific tips and unique monthly tasks to keep your garden growing all year long.

Here’s a bit of our advice for what to tackle in the garden in the month of April:

April is a wonderful month to get a lot of gardening done in Florida before the heat waves set in. While enjoying your garden in what might be the last of the cooler weather until autumn, also try to soak in the beauty of all the trees in bloom this month. The royal poinciana and the jacaranda are both Florida beauties in bloom in April.


After relaxing and admiring the blooms, it’s time to for seed starting. Begin seeds of warm season plants – both edibles and decorative plants. For a rich supply of fruits and vegetables in the coming months, try growing papaya, spinach, peas, collards and okra. To beautify your space, now is a good time to plant morning glories and marigolds.

Finally, if you’re feeling ambitious, why not undertake a landscaping adventure? April’s your last chance to make major landscaping changes without having to endure the stifling head of summer.

As you start your warm season plants, April is also a good time to purchase your fall garden vegetable seeds if you want to have the biggest variety to choose from. If you prefer to work from small seedlings and can’t store them properly, ask seed providers to delay shipment until late summer or early fall. If you want to receive untreated seeds, remember to request organically grown seeds or those that have not been genetically modified.



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