Florida Gardening Guide: Tips & Tasks for July

July in the Garden: Move your birdhouses to attract all new critters.

There’s no denying it now; it’s officially
summer – which means big changes to your gardening routine. As mentioned last month, we recommend early
morning plant-tending to avoid peak sun and heat.

As for what to do while you’re out there, July is a perfect “Repotting
Time.” Step up or repot cramped plants into larger containers, and be sure to use
a good soil mix, maybe even with some homemade compost.

A fun thing to do inthe garden in July is to move your birdhouses as a way to update your aesthetic and attract new garden friends. But beware of more than birds – you may greet
a resident Cuban tree frog, a rat snake, or even a gecko!
For expanded words of gardening wisdom, visit LifestylesAfter50.com and download a
free copy of our “Florida Gardening Guide” calendar to follow along online every month.



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