Florida Turkey Cottage Pie


There’s nothing like turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, but what to do with all the leftovers? This Fresh from Florida recipe solves this age old problem, potentially paving the way for a new, day-after-Thanksgiving family tradition – right up there                  with Black Friday shopping.
And here’s an interesting tidbit: Shepherd’s Pie traditionally uses lamb meat as the protein. When any other meat is used, it is referred to as Cottage Pie.


2 c. cooked turkey meat,
diced or shredded
1 ½ c. green beans,
cooked until tender crisp
1 ½ c. sweet corn,
cooked and cut off the cob
1 c. carrots, cooked
1 c. brown gravy
(homemade or store bought)
2 c. mashed potatoes
(homemade or store bought)
Sea salt and fresh ground pepper,
to taste


Preheat oven to 350 degrees and
spray a baking dish with quick
release spray. Beginning with the
turkey and in a layering fashion,
spoon each ingredient over the
next, finishing with the mashed
potatoes (the order of ingredients is
discretionary except for the turkey
and mashed potatoes). Bake 30
minutes until the mashed potatoes
are golden brown. Serve warm.

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